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Outrun je skvělá závodní hra z roku 1986. Klasické závody, kde je jasný cíl: dojet do cíle, před vypršením času. Celkem vás čeká 5 levelů.


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Glairy bear town builder is play where you can build town. You pick different seats (different outhouse as are dwelling - house or airport) and will place them to a initially empty map; this seats automatically be joined by waies. After you end your town, you can do two activities. One of them is drive to different seats. Play says you where would she should go and when you get there, you get 40 articles and fresh target. You you are driving till then, than you run out of fuel. Alternative play searches lost key - there are 12 gardens them and you have you got compass which says you what direction keys are.

Is that a everything? Unfortunately yes. Play wield power little activities - only 2 (3 if you reckon town outhouse) and all of them become boring very quickly. This play surely will not have much fans among grown - ups, but it is delightful play fit for children. Especially the that would not yet comprehend complication leave about say SimCity 2000.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Optimum Resource


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