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Belegost je česká textová adventura z dob kdy jste ještě možná ani nebyli na světě (1991).


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Space, final limit. These are book of travels starship ENTERPRISE and that is your mission to will take over command above flag - by boat federation and safely solve next space adventure.

Captiain Picard go down of his mandatory chair to she could have make accessible your achievement for a period of this mission. Did you Commander Riker and at this point you allot most legendary cosmic ship soever fecit.

Base was attacked and that is your mission to inquire into, hamper repeated attack and bring offender fairness. Not to mention to find out it is not everything how it seems and as though you will have to dig more deeply subaqueous. Let's just say, you abide original mission Enterprise, search new lease of life...

Play unfortunately hasn't no sound. It supports EGA graphic art, but it disuse full potential of his 16 colours. Yet, there were many digitalize scenes that would have had give you sensation belong be subdivided into several lots. Unfortunately you scenes be but in black and white (with by a few details beings shown in the colour - like lipstick or things like that) and imagery are not much catch it. They offer atmosphere. Interaction buttons and backcloth are in colours, all the same, graphically this play be far from appealing. Image nesting scenes taken from be subdivided into several lots come in handy to, but it did not work how flattened. I mean, if you only do you see several lines and face you with difficulty you can distinguish characteristics is not very bear a hand.

Except graphic designer, play is very good, although somewhat short. You need use mouse (can choose no, but play it seemsthat the will crash if you do that). You get another election and thatthat the you can elect be enhanced.

Your crew will also be whacking bear a hand you how some crew members remind you what should be done (not always though) and there always be captain Picard consult, although he is not as quite no bear a hand.

So sit back and relish good galaxial adventure which will be mostly appeal for of the whole Trekies outside, but will also be enough to cater and call appeal for for everyone adventurer fat enough to, to went where anybody go before!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: TRANS Fiction Systems


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