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Star reach (also known as space Federation) is play which have you commanding some from seven races that are at your disposal. There are variety of maps to excerpt from. Every has another purposes and vary in sizes (1 - 4 players) and difficulty.

You can choose if you want to play to how ship or phantom. Naval mode allows you to order in struggle while mode phantom is more like conventional RTS play that include you have aimer where you give order. There are pros and cons to everyone check type depend upon your strategy. Ship allows you to help aggressive enemy forts, but you run out of fuel if don't you dock in friendly planets once in a while. Phantom allows you to quickly give orders periods and revision planets, but cannot help attack with your friendly periods.

Basically, when you play game you will have definite number planets and enemy will too (depend on how much players are in competition). In view planets mode, you can look on what's built, build lately erected building, check economy, put out troop, create trade routes, etc . you can put out several thing inclusive Satellite defense system, troop transport (used take over enemy/neutral planets), fighters, bomber apod .. In order to get all of these nice to troop in performance list, you must build next factory which, gradual, requires good economy and much agents from strip mine.

In most maps, if you destroy all enemies troll their planets, you win. Sound and music in Star reach be good enough. I find outthat the music is given repeated and some of the by boat attacking strains are not so observant. Globally, I would say this play well is worth examination; me and my friend had mouth - filling night playing it how his enough to tarnation merry making. Try to it!

- run STAR.BAT

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Interplay Entertainment Corp.


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