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Star Lord Reviews

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Starlord is one of those handsome I - playa - it - every - now - and - they - for - 10 - minutes space- hry. It be done in year 1987 from SoftBook.

Your mission is pretty simple, did you commandant boats cosmic and there's a universe you have to fight out. To succeed you have to scan sectors, years through space more than fully dimensional aggressive craft and planets and in the end gain control of later. There are premises- stanice where did you able again reserve your naval arms and energy and of coursethat the you be able to do repairing work there.

Overview map: See your rank, statistical returns and credits here. Use scanning for happen information desk as to your to other opponent of. Pick mission to choose planet to fight out, base to flew into - or enemy craft to removed. Handsome trick here’s boss key. This will do so quite tempt to carry this play work. S disk icon for you can buckler/load play.

Hyperspace: Every time you travel to next planetsthat the you use space more than fully dimensional - handsome 3D- Vectorgraphics - Tunnel you only need to stay in to have had safe way.

Fight enemy by boat: When did you charging enemy flotilla you come to space combat cathode - raytube. You do you see how much enemies be abandoned and where there are. You can drive right and left with cursor keies and press down will support your ship. To kill all enemies on screen, press CTRL for controlled shot. But take care guided missiles are rare on your boats and expensive to bought. After you are won fight you can get on with traveller through space with overview map.

Champion planets: When you make up one's mind assault planet, make sure your shields are in full swing, for you will have to run through by other combat rung. Steps different from planets planet. You have you got tunnel with enemy crafts, tunnel with enemy racket turrets, surface planets with crafts, surface planets with rocket turrets or enemy crafts in circulating course planets. After you destroy all enemies on every rung, planet is your and you gain credit to repaired and again- dodávat your ship. More planets, that did you fight out higher your rank will.

Star bases: It's place where you can buy arms, protective much, zapped and guided missiles, increasing. It is also place to repair your ship. When you be no match for money you can also sell some of your sums by boat.

Graphic art and sound: Sound is some wretched PC-SPEAKER effects - don't expect too much, but graphic art are handsome - even if they are in CGA 4- colours- módech. I like it! It's like this castback!

Lockwork mine impressions:Play game and you will either love it or hates it - but will try you ' cosine it with merry making! Over all evaluation is 5 from 5! This play argues as though you don't need turn the scale X graphic art and 300 pages story line do whacking play.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Softbook


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