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Commandant greetings! Did you assignment to ordered conqueror battleship, your flotilla consists of of several destroyers, troop ship and supplies. You go into a place united galaxial club and your imposition is to fight out planet Dbdilug. You have you got 15 o'clock to completed this mission.

It's typical missionary impositionthat the presents you into wheels Star Legions. You sit on Krellathat the is one of strongest, but also most incursive competition for galaxy. Krell has one aim: To control as many planets as possible. They've posture and they've resources, how they've strong military power at hand, including about 150 legion of trooper, strong class - divided combat tank warrior and gigantic space force. To be able to uprise among military rank, obtain kindness, money and slaves, you have to fight out planet after planet and do Krellan Empire loom ahead to most powerful force in galaxy.

What feels like simple clicks- skrz play at a single glance shows be truly a stiff strategic play after first missions. While your first office rather be easy to, so you have to wind force low cultural planets with small population, mission get harder and harder, how do you encounter lot more technological advanced trunks in later stage. Basic tactics stay on equal in every wheel, but you will need more scheduling and time setting, if you want to succeed your mission in highers levels problems. Time be too important factor in those play. Every action take a while and is shaped ETA. Hereto, to made successful attack, you have to co - ordinate separate action and do arithmetics their effects.

Play be governed by mouse using six tablets, every tablet liable for one aspect your armies. First is one is planetary survey. Here you you can have a look on surface and pick cities, that can be captive. Alternative function is communication. You can order your flotilla to dive - bombed planetary surface, ask for reinforcing or supplies in Krellan Headquarters or trace planet to give up. Alternative tablet is used to control different battle zone. Until the eight zones can be painted here. You can give orders to the local commandants zone so that they could say is which strategy would had be used and assign attacks shock periods trooper here. Once attack be under way, third tablet will apply. It's rich in detail view of some battle zone. You can trace how war pay - roll and order individual insider on special assignment, as are building landing padding or buckler some placing. Landing bases be of consequence, how you will not be able to dispatched downward tendency craft with periods tank to zone without having one of these stuffings. Fourth is orbital verification. Every ship can be sent to another circulating tracks, like polar, equatorial or geo- nehybný. Major is height above sea level, wherein ship circulates planet. Lower this height above sea level, shorter will time for downward tendency craft to attained planetary surface. On the other side, craft at the level starvation wages position takes much more damage from planetary defensive basis. Next submitted covers falling ship control. Troop can be lading and your falling craft they may be sent to by other combat zones. In the end last tablet gives fast intelligence survey, that can be cleaned of several caregory.

Star Legions isn't typical space combat strategy game. While next, like mister Orionu or dominion dealing with big fleets in space fight and planetary management, this play be focused in planetary attacks. Play graphic art are displayed in the some foreign 640 x 350 pixels resolution with 16 colours. Therefore menu and cutscenes be too lady of colour to my mind, while land - gamete graphic art are a little pixelated. Some panoply became a VGA graphic art she would have great improvement here. Sound spare lousy in music, but features some real sound effects to equalize this poverty of. Giving technical the point of view together, play be past standard it is time, but passable.

Like lockworkthat the I evaluate this play with mild 3. It will not surely be of each of cupper, but fans mister Orionu and similar games would have had really have a look in it, how it features entirely different aspect space strategic genrethat the wasn't will never again nursed in such depth. Everything, what you must make them now strike tightening button, and did you en route to become Krellan Commander. Best luck!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Supernova Creations


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