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It is story kids association football:year is 1994; deeply in universe foreign scab will flush out galaxy, search planets for trophy, add in to his collection. radar scab finds out perfect sample on planet Zemi! Neplýtvejte sometimesthat the he fires his ray to rallied his price - World Cup! Calamity! How cup travel to spacethat the it beats crossing asteroid overwhelming cup into 5 pcs .. Every piece fall back to Earth scattered across globe. Much miles off baby association football he's at home following this on his TV. Groove no a little for its security, he make up one's mind find and return trophy in time for World Cup final. Poised to action dressed to its best changes, with his ball below his arms, nothing stops him on his search to returned

association football is computer game in which the, as you can see up, you must find all scattered shreds cup before finale! Your search won't simple, if did you thoughtthat it%%=. You will have to travel across Zemí to she could have find all 5 shreds cup and bring them together together. You will meeting with many enemies during your navigation, and only way to kill is is to struck be abreast of ball you have you got with you. Of coursethat the you will blow many of your rolls, it happens even to best. On every level you limited number of rolls, depending on straight longitude. When you drop your ball - or blow it, only holds free place, to another ball show!

Graphic art are somehow than in drawings, and I liked it! Music do they really good, e.g. when you start new level, you will hear whistle, just like at the beginning football match.

Only thing I'm didn't have like to be option to protected. Cannot buckler often, only after 2 or more levels, and always it isn't easy achieve next savepoint.

A mark 4 then, because of little savepoints and linear level. Yet, this play is great way to spend surplus products time.

To be able to run game in DosBox, you must edit file Dos - boxing.consult (placed in your DosBox - ovo directory), will find (somewhere at the end) "e.m.f .=true", and turns it "e.m.f .=faked". Also, it would be familiar with revert it as soon as you be done playing! To such purposes I I preferthat the you use D - Fend fore - part.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Krisalis Software Ltd.


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