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Now first thing, that really surprisedthat the me was to using videa graphics card (or simply given to VGA graphic art). Play be done back in 1989 and VGA was still very new. Off course you can also choose CGA or EGA graphic art (but they are not as though handsome). There are also two preset keyboard map you get into use and don't forget space - also helpful leaving street and going to by other home), or simply use joystick.

There is not very sound though (unfortunately). But I should think so would was to too much for such size change animals with such whacking graphic art.

How do you probably are guessed, you play to Snoopy. He's sweet beagle owned Charlie Brownem (of each of favourite free). You get into encounter Charlie and the rest honk in your search for Linusově' cover.

Play is pretty simple. You need to hove some things and bring is transport person to she could have advance. There are no real help with regard to what bring to whom, but really it is not it difficult. You only need some patience and you get it. A when I say patience, really I am in earnest. You will slip about really slow.

Well, play has above the average graphic art for its time and that is stranger adventurous play (that is of not half bad also), but in default of helps with regard to what you would be to do and for slowness movement (which really can get difficult), no tomentionstrašný mark sound when Snoopy jumps, that fail to - is given real high marks - I can tell you it.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Edge, The


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