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SkiFree is little window play of which there is not much to disobey, except: It's classic.This was programmed from Chris Pirih, who at the time was programmer in Microsoftu. Play in the end tightened attention manager for Microsoft pleasure parcel when he noticed Pirih playing it in work, leading to the inclusion games in another pleasure parcel publication.

Play has 3 play- režimy: Free of charge- styl, slalom and tree slalom. Aim Free - Style be too exert so much sensation as possible. During slalom you have to ski bygones bunting in fastest time possible. In tree slalom, you do you do basic in a way same, but course be too pokier and added crimp as are trees.

Player be able to do quite a few things while skiing: skipping, performing sensation, knocking next skier down or only bump into accidental hindrances. :)

SkiFree is also familiar inglorious monster snowthat the appear at 2000m and her player. It features also much Easter eggs, as are ambulatory trees. Graphic art mostly consists of small animated signs, like pincers and skier, and MNOHO snow but believe me, that wield power handsome mood, perfect for as though snow/rainy on Sunday. Play hasn't no sound, but to my mind, that just increases mood.

Globally, that is classical play Windows which would had really try out. A pure for analysis 5! :)

it is latest version (1.04) compiled for 32 - bit Windows, that would have also work on wine and 64 - bit Windows. In extras boxing, you can (from someday) draw down original 16 - bit SkiFree 1.0 it sent how part Windows pleasure will cram 1991.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Chris Pirih


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