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Po velkém úspěchu Komanč: Maximální ničivá síla, hra kterou vstoupila mezi simulačními hrami vrtulníku jakmile to vyšlo, to bylo očekávan


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Skates- or - DIE!! It's true, arcade classical did you spent your stillion on, quater quater! It features three another sorts graphic designer: CGA, EGA, and Tandy in conjunction with election joystick or keyboard control. Call on your skills on go - as - you - please ramp. Look, how fast you can go to the downhill race. Zmlátte on next mohawked e - counsel, break tins of, SKATE OR DIE in slope crumples - or break - in to the local swimming - pool and jostles (cushiony for security) tournament stick together - skater - Ova wanderer. That is all there only as it would do in arcade. Graphic art are what is to be expected from old DOS games but it is still very playable and precisely merry making as it was when did you had to queue to sham.

Anxious installation? Don't be! Only point, clicks, pick your graphics mode, and crossways you go !

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Electronic Arts, Inc.


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