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It is merry making little games which give me quite a few problems before, than I'm could start that for the first time. Well I I am doing doesn't know why for I no - change anything, but can run it normally now - only choice either keyboard or joystick - and soundblaster at the beginning games.

So what's play all about?

There's a gigantic ship which he's going to tail off and there are scientist on board the ship. But being genius only abstractedly, cannot get is ourselves from plight as though they're v. It really is taking action hero like themselves pull some cut - outs which will allow scientist to left level! Oh, not to mention you must be truly a sharp mind to solved that if you be set to tail off and have oxygen storage reservoir on the wall, this might be good thought use them.

So basic in a way this play have you run, skipping and swimming about level examiner get all scientist exit.Once the scientific guys achieve that they'll only do amusing ' whooee - ův noise and leave you standing there. At all events after last scientists leafs, exit opens to you and guess Co... It leads to very next level!

Play be rum addictive, so I highly advise it, but I have to warn against you as though it can get disillusion also! Nezapomeněte to printed F10 go into a place menu (so you won't you will have to restart play at the level one’s always)! This information desk was supplied by fan games, who's knows below on behalf of Bypasser!

Failing that play features handsome graphic art, quite pleasant sound, stand-by cost operating controls, smooth animation and comical games. So again I warmly recomend this play you!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Zeppelin Games Limited


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