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Pacifický stratég je pátá hra v linii 5 Star General her vytvořených Strategic Simulations, Inc . Hra bere nejlepší první čtyři, obrněný


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Shuttle be too realist malingering space shuttle, destined for player which wants big call appeal for.

Play: 4/5

Shuttle be one of most hardest malingering I have ever played and I am certain ofthat the many people I'll approve of me. ; be not going to get no where in those malingering if you won't you read handbook (which you can draw down in consequence).

Things, that do space shuttle hard is there are so many buttons and cut - outs to mess with, press bad one and space shuttle can to displace.

But as soon as you get at the bottom of that space shuttle be fairly comical malingering, mission ranging from touch - down space shuttle mending Hubbleova space telescope.

Sound: 3/5 there are only a few sound in Shuttle but it is malingering which don't need much sound.

Graphic art: 4/5 graphic art quite good for 1992 but a little inexplicit, also there's a parts to look on how there are cameras all over Shuttle.

Retaliatory Dember effect: 4/5

I would say it has good appreciate repetition because one out can took five o'clock (real - time) although you can speed up it if you wish.

Globally: 5/5 while Shuttle be too rude play it is also very merry making and educational also, it is not of each of type games but give that good examination and see if you like it.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Vektor Graphics, Ltd.


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