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Shufflepuck Cafe Reviews

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When I'm was 12 years old, my father's neighbour bought Apple II. Back then, I'm wasn't much astounded by monochrome (and wee) display thing had and me seriously I'm suspect mice, because I'm was used to nice to 16 colours, joystick and big TV'S from my own C64. He should have small play on things which especially I'm liked. It be called "Shufflepuck Café". If you have to add up this play in one’s sentence the would be "airy ice - hockey against foreigners!". Thank heavens it be released on of other basis also (like are Atari, Amiga and of course, DOS) because Apple II'S are hard to come to now.

What's agreement in "Shufflepuck Café?" well, there's a this café replete clump of peculiar foreigners (it might even be located in Mos Eisley on Tatooine, but this information desk isn't accessible). Everything they is knock about and compete against each other in play named Shufflepuck. It's kind like the ones vzdušné - tables ice - hockey perhapsthat the would could know from veil arcade. Both field have paddle and use this direct to crease everywhere.Puck is more or less floating on the table because of thin strata air that is of blown over surface (on that account - ův air ' in mid air- hokeji).

In Shufflepuck Café you have to state champion whipping current one's, greasy pig named thump Raunch. From starting screens you be enough click on your requisite opponent of to began competition against them. First score a goal 15 articles making his her opponent of pass crease, win the game.Watch though, cause some foreigner tend to trick a little. Every has some quantity talent and some and have special gimmickry with which they could surprise you...

Graphic art are handsome enough to. 16 colour EGA is better then monochrome from old Apple II I rembemer, but no as pretty how the on Amigaovi. Despite, your opponent of are coloured clump of. Sound be limited to speaker peep, that is of adequate to this type games. Play can get a little boring, because it is taking quite some time to earn fifteen points, even against weak opponent.Fast games be fine tension though and you find myself playing - ův only one more games ' quite often. Together, that is final 4.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Br?¸derbund Software, Inc.


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