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Settlers, The Reviews

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Settlers also known as City serf: Life is feudal is play about sedimentation provincial, and expanding through conquest. But focus games rather them to a real outhouse your empire than conquest.

When play begins you have to place your palace. This will your first steps toward sedimentation of the whole map. Palace will serve as warehousing storehouse of, but also how canopy for your subjects. There is also dull reserve agents reside in his perish, I wish got did you started. Next step is to found out basic resources which are stone and wood. Also, much important and basic resources is food. It's needed hereto, feed your soldiers and miners. Generally, the more you growth more nature of facility you will need. But play is more complex than only congregation agents. For example, there are election like order item distributionthat the adjusts order in which the sums will being transported. But prosecution your empire cut wood and gathering stone yet it seems enough to blunt... Nevertheless, like I'm introduced before, there be more those play than it: expansion and conquest. How do you expand? By building military textures beside your limits! Closer to real borders outhouse be increasingly country you obtain after your soldiers inhabit it. How do you expand you will have to militate against your enemies. This be done with soldiers (rainbows!), which will be recruited how do you build more armies structures. They're recruited from pool peasants (or workers as they are called in this play). How more and more peasants get recruited, share arms from your fortified castle diminishes. When it notching zero, no more soldiers they will available. You will have to create arms in farrier be able to attach soldiers. To be able to have good military (quality shrewd), also you will have to feed is, and add gold coins to their strongholds. delivery gold, they exercises, and become better and more horrific killing machine.

Graphic art be too handsome! Sound isn't nothing rare and there's a initial filmthat the be too handsome also.Interesting feature, this play offers - ův two mouse ' mode. It's kind two - cleft- visual hot stalls. Next play modes are: crusade for, 1 player map skirmish, 2 players map skirmish, education, and demo. You can sport with until 3 computer controlled players. Except in of what you can also set map size, by selection figure in among 18th But take care because bigger map size, bigger your RAM figure must be. So, for example, play to 8 size map, you would needed 8 MB RAM minimum. Nevertheless, I don't thinkthat the this will I'll present much problem today.

In enclosure, I'd like saidthat the this play simply be overwhelming, and as though it in extenso merits 5 mark, although it has merry militant system ( stop away into this for it is review nor recap... if you want to to testify it, you will only have to draw down it and see for yourself)

Sidenote: Settlers use isometric perspective for display. This believes that the playground is technically two - dimensional, but pulled in isometric look so that the play looks three - dimensional. Next, more modern, games which also be used isometric perspective cover up: Red alert 2(2000), secret: Steamworks & Magick Obscura(2001), and even will never Winter Nights(2002), how much more of other plaies.

- ve Windows you will not you don't get sound. Best play to this play in Dos módunebo in Dos boxing; - jestli you start play with "settlers" or "rate of swelling", you will not be able to activate SVGA mode. If you want to enable SVGA mode, you will have to start play using of one of these executable file: "settler" or "fast"

If you have you got trouble with play, check read me or send report in our forums!

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Blue Byte Software GmbH


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