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Udělal v roce 1991, od Microids , tato hra nepředstavuje cokoli zvláštní, ale ještě chcete - li abyste zjistili něco o hře - pak čte dál.


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Team SEAL do they really unique play or real piece crop ends, depending on peas taste. When it be published, graphic art and sound was average, but image games be something original. Yet, that will never fall short of big commercial success, and will never hasn't done it to the angular point.

You control team SEAL in Mae Khong Deltě during Vietnamese wars. You get mission and gather 4 - member team for each of them. They may be different, ranging from tout, sighting or next preparing snare, life - saving mission or simple aggressive- and- tear down . You can choose which sealthat the you do you want to received mission depending on his abilities. Every soldier has his specialty, statistics and sign, but not as personal how in toothed club. You should also give each of them at the Battle so, to got valuable experience. Failing that you be over some nallous veterans and much "Greens" soldiers.

Before by any mission there's a debate that shall exactly describe what you have to do. Do you usually you will have some kind supports help you. You tamper with by both mouse and keyboard, but it is not intricate. When you pick your seals, you pickthat the who's leader (it would be you) and you see back him create. You can also set behaviour of other 3 seals during buoy. They usually only follow you and fire at friend or end small office in mission. There are also little details which make a fine show, such as small window which reopening when leader shows to other seal hand signals, arms etc ..

You probably interest oneself what's so unique in team SEAL. Never before, and me afford say will never after this I have seen play which be as realist. It's nothing of the sort, like next 3D Doom - like action. You will have to move through jungle, slink, trace and sometimes wait for minutes or almost an hour in snare. At shooting is coming, you doesn't go close to friend and give wide berth his bullets than in of other 3D peas (realist isn't it?), place that you will lie down and fire away towards enemy. So have you carry tons bombs and geminate millions bullets and you are not frontal 10000 Charleys with your little shotgun. Z drop point you will have to move into certain point, and you should not fire away for nuts as they can hear you. Also, enemy will no run out up to you but will open fire from their snare. Yet, your seals no die same secondthat the they get hit, but over time, than in real life.

Like I'm he said, you manage instructions quick with little experimentation. This play would likely was better with better graphic art jungle. At that time, 3D environment left for play be enough. If audio quality isn't better then average, then sound alone is very good. Advance towards enemy and hear for himself.

If did you played perhaps 3D shot departure- ups and thought how so feels whacking strike in with battles, then imagines how so feels really step into jungle where one bullet can introduce you your manufacturers. Sensationthat the this play can put out, while you slowly advance on your mission, does this unique. You cannot equate to it no (and me mean no) next play. If did you havoc- maniak, won't you interested, but if you love realist malingering, this be something, what do you always be wanted find. From games isn't popular, it seems that there be much more "havoc- hráči". Therefore, I question as though this draft games will used again, so team SEAL be cock of only.

Now actual heat price bad part: play runs much slow in Dosbox. I'm wasn't able start it in XP, so, unless you have of an old compositor or Win98 near you, you will need to handled Dosbox much better than to I'm did. Best bet would use VDMSOUND.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Electronic Arts, Inc.


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