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Are you poised to some treasure hunt? Put aside eye patches, parrots and merry Rogersa! It's new age treasure virgate.

Play sea tramp put you in load organization expedition to she could have sink and dig up treasures from many sinka ship all over ocean. ; first imposition will to chose fit crew for your mission. You you can choose some of the before - -generated characters or create your own. Character creation be too similar what do you be done in by many RPG plaies. There's a six another classes and you will need one's sign from every/him of them for full crew.

When you in the end start play, you find myself on mandatory bridge your boats. From here you can move into different ship's part. These are: captain's station, arms/diver's officer's station, sensor - based officer's station, navigator station, communication officer's station and engineering station. At the beginning already do you know placing wrecks come along travel there (in future you will need to quest after localities wrecks in libraries in port or listen chat in taverns). Do you know only coarse placing sinka ship so will you be due to do some search about given to placing (it is best leave it computer). Next you will have to create diver's team which look into wreck. Make surethat the bring some arms to bed ocean, because nobody knows what danger skulk down there. Every diver has stint oxygen so rate of swelling be of the essence. There it's five layer of mud on ocean floor so you will need to do five search before as though tetragonal completely be searched.

When you get back to surface you can judge prey you just collected and plot course one from many ports all the world over. It is very important visit ports to again- dodávat and repair ship, find about new treasure maps and sell prey from your last expedition.

But unfortunately, your team isn't only thing look for treasure in incalculability ocean. Bad Eddy is name your friend. He's rich man in the world and he is robbery craft with military his mini below.

When you will find out enemy ship you can sign up into battles or implore give wide berth straight forward confrontation and run away. Your arms pile from two arms, port and genuine arms. Later in play, when you obtain submarine (named sea tramp) you may use torpedo to assaulted enemy below and craft.

Sea red behave well below WinXP, but it is missing sound (that is not heavy loss, for music be too repeated and quite gets boring). To full experient I recomend you use DOSBOX.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Software Sorcery


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