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There není moc co nebýt řečený o Winter výzvě pocty. Koncem osmdesátých lét a brzkých devadesátých lét, pocta dělala jen sportovní hry ja


Sea Dragon Reviews

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This side- scrolling action play gives you into submarine, in which the you militate against your alleyway underwater cave. Simple, fast and provocative play be usually good combination for this type games, if additives are mixed in orderly quantities. In this case, CGA graphic art and PC speaker peep dress much hard and provocative shooter that can be irritating sometimes. You be forced to learn and practise all danger ahead hereto, to made some /every /no progress. If you are not shot departure- jich - up veterinarian, perhapsthat the would could need quite some time.

Submarine can fire away guided missiles flatlings and plumb, using two corresponding fire button. Pressing you buttons at the same time will annihilate everything on screen but also consume some air supply. In addition to by many destructible and indestructible danger on way, so have you achieve checkpoint ( short flashing screens warn you hereof) and airy cans. Touch airy can will bottle your air backlog to max. Piptonychia life, nevertheless refill no air at all. This does play much hard. If you lose one's life just before new checkpoint, that entailsthat the already did you consumed proper air supply and had to play whole part again. If you run air, that is end of play to you. It can be much irritating, and have five lifes does not make play no easier. Understanding this, you will almost you'll never use both fire button at the same time.

On the other side, play be far from holing. Both your movement and burny skills are tested, and danger turns his face always without long and repeated part. Also, now and then you need to solved what's to be done, no only memorize everything. Play decently be quickthat the can make you evil - affected, but on the other hand it is cheery. Among things, that can be irritating, you may see some insect or, give it to failing that, "some things baby buggy", but no often.

To PC shooter, old at, that can only leave positive impression regardless of that, whether you in reality do you love it. Play be of interest enough to, he may offer some merry entertainment, and probably will make you perspire a little. Focus on call appeal for, less experienced actor players they may feel take off, but experts would probably they should felt it.

Play can work in WinXP, but too fast. It works good in DOSBOX, and you can reduce to cycles to got orderly rate of swelling.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Adventure International


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