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Wolf je moc chytře udělaná zvířecí simulace. Když jsem poprvé hrál to, jsem zapůsobil na mne s množstvím úsilí návrhářové dali do hry aby


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Hello, I I'm luckythat the inform you, that to are could play to this playthat the you need to be quite debris, so please begin download, pull out file, start MENU set and turn up one's toes hereto, to was Scapeghost.

That is all pretty simple. There's a seamy detective in town engaged on needle and he needs to someone, who'd pin it on. You be but obiit making you his scapegoat. But as you will find no peace in after - lifethat the you get back to frighten world living how spirit, so title Scapeghost.

Play has one of the best graphic designer have ever seen be in text based adventure namely supports another graphics mode. There's no animation and sound though. Did you able buckler or load play and off course restart.

Play consists of tří part:

- November Graveyard - pursuable gosling - Poltergeist

every can be played under separate cover, but I high press up to you, so that play game from the beginning parts one’s, to the end parts three.

You can find hintbook HERE, but for those that simply wish win the game fastest abbreviation I'm also included recap how extra.

So what's play about?

As I was said already, did you framed mess - up detective. He hides needle in cemetery alone, where also delivery and pick ups be done. Like spirit you are now hung up in cemetery, without living soul in the view of. There are nevertheless next extinct one about.

Do you remember filming spirit? Well this play is (although no PC version from that) is older then film ( C64 version be done in year 1989), so ones they may assertthat the they are given some cogitations from here. Remember Patrick Swayze teaching how tamper physical object? Well, that is your first imposition. You start by collecting gravel and leafs and petals, only strengthen your spirit.

So it is a very good play I be truly a enjoyed on old C64 and loved again play PC. So I hopethat the you will everything have so much merry entertainment playing it, although it is not easiest plaies (without recap).

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Level 9 Computing, Ltd.


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