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Sango Fighter Reviews

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Download for this play takes you to official position - play become freeware and can be pursy from that website free.

Sango Fighter is arcade fight play from former Chinese companies, panda entertainment. Play get along in the year 1993 but got small attention, though it was very much workmanlike for its time.

Real story games is adjusted in final years easter Hannah house. There was chaos in the country below as a rule Emperor Lingu, so he ordered duke to joined and bring order and peace. But dukes preferred to fought mutually rather than buckler provincial. Duke Tsao Tsao intercepted emperor and fight out one half country. Now it be up to Liu Pei and his Five Tigers sulk bad Tsao Tsao and disengage emperor.

In play you can choose play at storied mode, where you choose up to five fighters "good" side and battle against each of Tsao Tsao - ovo favourites till then, than you achieve and knock down Tsao Tsao himself. During of each of buoy you first need to defeated ones or two lower soldiers, and after that the real opponent of show. If you nedaříte kill him fast enough, he will go on rest and two lower soldiers they will fight you again. When you knock down is again, duke come out same greetings he be free he left conflict.

Second play mode is Battle, where you can choose all fighters in play to attained highscore at the end. After every wheel, time and life did you left are denumerable up and added your whole score. The more lifethat the you have you got at the end buoy and faster you slew your opponent of, more points you get. After every fourth militate against arcade minigame it seems, where you have to fire away volant birds to raised your score.

Last option is match between the two field. First person who wins two battles is winner, and play returns to main menu.

Operating controls in play are rather simple but efficient. Every warrior has four special attacks which quite be easy to manage. You you may set operating controls transport or left keyboard as regards-or you may use joypad in play. Play balance, on the other side, isn't perfect, but good enough. Every sign will find some opponent of much easy to defeated, et al. extremely provocative. There's a one fighter who you can in reality knock down every other opponent of because of its much far - reaching attacks. You will have to find out for himself which it is. : )

music is sufficient, but can gets boring and disturbing time. Strains be too well done, but sound is a little oversampled at the time.

Animation fighters are also much well done, so you feel likethat the you be in kung fu film. Even backcloth it's good animated, but everything is for kresba - similar, so play can not be graphically mixed up with others similar plaies time, like vital Kombat.

If you like beat- jich - up games with realist and rich in detail militant animations, this play be done to you. If you need go away some stress, play is totally fit for as though. If never yet aren't no played beat- jich - up games before, give this try, I am certainthat the you will it like!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.


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