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Představí si mé překvapení když jsem poprvé hrál tuto hru (jen před několika dny) a uvědomily si, že to snadno by stálo bok po boku s něk


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[preface: unfortunately, there are some games as though I only ain't got handbook for. I'm learned play to is trial and error, so you can also. I apologize as though this review will not have rear story as far as that goes, why do you pump about planet, but play is yet merry making at all events.]

S.C.OUT so they nameds, I have to suppose, because did you comb - out planet you crash are alight on. S.C.OUT is akční - play riddle, where you have as one's task with finish of even purposes on every level - blowing up - ův robotic faces ' - at repulse enemies and solving more and more difficult impediment to will do so.

I know, I know!You are saying ' what!?directly about right now. I don't arrange wind you. Let me explain in more simple contract conditions. You vehicle handling ( scout), which has loading capacity restricted to wearing single sum.To finish level you must carry oval bomb to specific play tile which only happen to be cyborgvypadající - ův face.once bomb be in another one's shoes, you must then fire away previous, before - -placed weapon in bomb to exploded it.

To execute this impositionthat the you use much straight forward forward control:arrows key to move how expected, space bar to fire away, and - ův get ' keythat the I'm defined how ' X.election are provided overstate key in any fashionthat the you do you want. A joystick be backed, but no mouse.Strains be present and they do work nicely, but there be no music during real play games, only short ' did you won ' song after you end level.

There are some tidbit as though would have had comprehend to reduced your disillusion. Again, you can only carry single sum all of a sudden, so that is used in many riddles. You must learn what carry and when. For example, you must reduce to bomb to hove key that shall reopening bolt assembly that is of blocking you way, then return and lift bomb.

Your weapon can only fire away single racket all of a sudden, and you must carry racket, meaning you must reduce to bomb to lift one. In addition, you can only fire away in direction racket faces when you lump it! If hindrance you need to removed is north of you, you must find racket which faces Northern and carry it.

There are many special square and entries, and I can't contain them all out quite sincerely without playing each and every level to ensure I'd seen them all. Did you big boy (or girl), so you can solve is if you want to.One instance is small square etched on the ground that supposesthat the is - ův monitor screen ' or some such.When you miss it, your vehicle ' will deep-freeze ' in brief and you can move look about levels of for mean angular point of what lie ahead.

S.C.OUT is interesting play with simple drafts, but complex riddle. Gratefully, play uses pass - word system which allows you to continue by at last riddle you incompletion. There are some problems (see below), but play is worth look how you will not don't find it in many other seats.

VDMSOUND don't work at all. DOSBOX operate STARTING LINE programme so you can trace short into, but then it will interrupt . You must start GAME to in reality play to. I had a graphic art stand up will bungle and play under lock and key. I yet inexplicit if lower cycles repairs this.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Kalisto Entertainment SA


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