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Dlouhý, dávno kdy dinosaury a lidé žili spolu v zemi Oga, Trogs (jeskynní muži) měli strašný zvyk jídelních dinosaurusových vajec. Naši h


Rules of Engagement Reviews

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Thing I like most about Rules engagement is his framable. In Rules engagement you can adapt absolutely everything, from naval captains foreign' races and missions. Also, there are detailed document on much foreign works, as well as bios concerning your captains.

Adjustment in is not just about physical lynxs and resumes, but you can also change characteristics different foreigners. You be able to do works dim - witted and weak - or inspired trigger- šťastné vital machinery, depending entirely on your humour. You can even edit skills your by boat and captains.

At all events, now for story. Did you commandant flotilla for federated Worlds Armed Services (FWAF), and you war united democratic planets (UDP). In your fight you encountering by various foreign works, all of which are enemy. You begin much handsome title cathode - raytube, where you have you got several election. I hopethat the at this point did you withdrew handbook and read at least part of it; failing that you will lost. So, you create commandant and pick mission for him allot. Let's go get this started!

Politic cathode - raytube lie you manage some burning laser/rocket fairness. Only keep in mind, if you kill is and you are not projected , that is END OF PLAY!

Now things get interest. Looking at debate and decide on a course of action. You fly one ship while computer flies the rest, according to your orders. Use communication to put your next boats their order, and have some merry entertainment! Oh, and don't forget to read debate! Globally, because of play repetition and framable, I give that 4.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Omnitrend Software


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