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Romance of The Three Kingdoms III - Dragon of Reviews

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It is China, late second century. Break down Hanovy house create chaos unforeseen complication, and China is now divided into by many small states. There's a ambitious warrior, Cao Cao, who wants again get together China, but he isn't alone ... Well, what did you expect? I mean, who'd didn't want everything Číny for himself? Anybody?

At the beginning games you pick whether you do you want historical or randomly conditions, and time. After that, play begins.

Like prince, you have plenty freedom. You can improve cities, draft soldiers, build arms, search for useful peoples ... Simply give, you have you got a lot of things, that you can do. Of course, most of these thing be done somebody else, so you have to choose genuine people to does done thing. Advisers be of consequence also, as they can make ruling in state rest in much easier.

A minor detail I like in details is diplomacy. When you sendthat the somebody, who will negotiate, you may see, how whole negotiation suit continued - it is like short duologue. I know ... nothing too fabulous, but I always enjoy kind of detail in play.

People are important part games. One they may will never go short experienced bookkeepers. You can reward is (and.e. - bythat the give them sum which will heighten their power) heighten their loyalty, change their position (do military officer public servant, etc .) or fire away is. Talking people, you must (just like every good prince) even takes care about vulgarian. You must simply buy their kindness brib - erm ... giving gifts (donation free meal), failing that they may make up one's mind you are not quite prince they would like to work towards and rebel. Also, you can hire soldiers instead of drafting is.

Military is also important, and I would say it is fairly accurate. Even small, healthy- coached elite power can successfully defend your town against big military consisting untrained peasants. You can weapon your soldiers with crossbow, give them horses, etc .

also, next plus for this play be of interest combat system which more or less reparates alone in most KOEI- ovo plaies. It is difficult to describe, but it is rather simple to understood.

Good thing is as though while play is realist, it is not all that intricatethat the lie thinkthat the his goodliness lies. I can think of but one shady page, and that is AI, that can be a little dim - witted ... but is more or less OK.

So, how welfare is play? It's excellent! A real classical, much well - balanced and much repetition. I give it to 4 from 5.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: KOEI Co., Ltd.


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