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Romance of the Three Kingdoms II Reviews

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Anybody familiar with KOEI reckognize society how advance designer inspired computer family romance ThreeKingdomsthat the later bring forth Kessensérie for Playstation. It be second play in set, and be but full action.

Play be based on rivalry between Liuem Bei and Cao Cao, two leadership figure in ancient China. But... As usual with KOEI plaies, you do not have to play to one of these, and be free to choose among 12 by other leaders. Each of these has another starting position and general. A if you have you any friends about games supports until 12 players in multiplayer- mód.

Music is as usual much graceful to ear, and same is graphic art... feigned. Subject games is to fight out whole China, and with 11 rival this is not snap. A good tip they will to start to do bunchs at once. A if you go to the wars, use several generals, and divide by your military into seperate groups. Romance of the three Kingdoms II uses much handsome aggressive feature called at the same time attack, which meansthat the several soldiers they may assault all of a sudden. A every period can assault once with the support of other soldiers, so if you have you got friend surrounded four soldiers, you get cry on the whole 16 attacks (4x4). So have you have you got access to magic, that can really turn floods battles if used well.

Together it is excellent strategy game, with excellent conflicts- operating controls and really magnificent political system. S election like bad propaganda, bribery, attempts, bonds, and of course fights among leaders. If leader refuses to combated man men, he'll regarded as coward, and some of the his men run away. Play be but perfect, and have to have.

Play supports multiplayer until 12 players.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: KOEI Co., Ltd.


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