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Rogue - The Adventure Game Reviews

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Tramp - Adventure play is play which every would had play to at least once. Tramp is more'n classic. Tramp is piece story.

Play is setting in subsoil world named " dungeons destruction". As usual, you play to cub adventurer search glory of and, well, treasure. Lots of it. To get what you want, you have to look into gigantic system dungeons and militate against myriad monsters on way. Somewhere in the end, amulet Yendor is expectative you. Of course, there is also that entailsthat the magician protection it. Well, well, life always be hardest on the, who search eternal luck.

Graphic art in tramp are quite ASCII- based. You entailsthat the letters be used for everything. For example, 26 monster in play are all represented capital writings. While this relieves run tramp in mindless data station, in present time, graphic art are way behind obsolete. Original tramp was monochrome, but colour was added in later versions and clones games, make easy identify your surrounding country. Sound and music be both no- jsoucí in tramp, also addition to homesick sensation.

To my mind, you should not be sense this. You should be downloading.

Tramp - Adventure play definitely is worth playing that - in spite of be conceived early in eightieth years.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Artificial Intelligence Design


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