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Murders v prostoru je poslední titul uvolněný v jedinečných sériích dobrodružných her které mít vás řešit nespočetné kriminální případy v


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A nice - looking play from Wizard plaies, Rockstar is also much addictive one.

You enact classical rock bandmaster, and your the point is to attained utmost popularity.You execute this writing song, playing harpoons in different seats (from your neighbourhood into America and Europe), chronicling album or single scull, completion contracts with majors or stay independent tablet, put as regards with groupies, always et sequentia is said "sex, needle and Rock ' n - ův wallow."

this is not games for children. It includes coarse language and debatable behaviour.

In reality, do you often be request, to taken variety of needle, that they will have different effects on your brain and on your life how decadent superstar.You will have to care, because divers give you more - ův creativity, " others will damage you more and make you become drug- dependent.

Being as though it is not really "healthy" style of life, sometimes you will have to visit your doctor or your analytics, go on leave to agree there differ possibilities, from "sunny Britain[sic]" "Paradise Islandu"), or even, in nejhoršímcasescenario unspools in sanatorium or do dope rehabilitation. Evidently this will make you lapse into deep depression...

You have to pother about, because too much disorderly conduct will lead you your deaths.

You can also rename computer insider into real rock bands, making games even more realist. Or even more comic.It can be amusing to read sentences like, did you invited to wild rebelious side guidee Pavarottiem, " or ' your grandmother invite you to took some splash."

well, if you get into those games you certain of use it, so selection up your Stratocaster and start practicing ... one day can you be Rockstar!

This play needs DOSBOX run swimmingly.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Wizard Games


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