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Ničení aut, odlítávání kol, deformace plechu, tak to je přesně hra Destruction Derby.


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Who hasn't tracked some old film horrors in which the monster (usually gigantic lizard or gigantic monkey) will annihilate some panorama city, and thought WHY SHOULD HE has whole merry entertainment?

Well, thanks ActiVision MŮŽE now realize these the dream of your, bethat the they demolition outhouse, killing soldiers, knock - down helicopter, stepping on autos or stealing women.

But, if you want to stay on alive for a while there are any counsel you should listen. Above all find out some of your friends to play game with you. You have you got much greater prospect of surviving if you work together. Only watch where did you orderly. You will hurt your friend if you struck is. Also implore give wide berth attacks made soldiers and helicopter how these they may break some confusion chief magistrate on your body! So eat them all! It's true, eat is. You return some of your life in this way, but women are best. Also you ought to be sensible of sums hidden in outhouses. Perhapsthat the would could find some life, but you can also find some explosives or electric instrument. One thing you should implore bend out is will fall skyscrapers. If you do you see smoke down, you should jump out from outhouse before, than it collapse.

There isn't something else at that, really. Go out and lop both town and your keyboard!

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Bally Midway


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