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Rad Warrior Reviews

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It is PC converting games named Sacred armour Antiriad created for C64. Play got best praise from man of letters and critics, although somehow field will never really sham so much, all the same noon cannot deny as though it come in handy to.

Well, Rad Warrior should be instance "how do converting for PC in 80 - ovo". Graphic art be done in CGA but they are given most from what CGA have to offer. All backcloth and creatures be exactly pulled. Music is unfortunally made for PC loud - speakers and after melodious FX in play is a little coarse.

It come through as though programmers no - didn't pother about make - up as much as they care for play. Animation Tala (principal characteristic) and enemy (foreign creatures and robots) to be almost perfect. You can experience something you think impossible: you start CGA play which looks wretched and then walks smooth like gorgeous song (well, perhaps not as smooth, but it is very impresive).

Story somewhat be usually. Foreign power assaulted your primitive planet and intercepted everything from your race. Rather, everything but you. War is already losable, but you definately you do not have in plan leave it that way. What you can do? Destroy are all and disengage your people. Eh Using their inherent error and fable your people.

Rad Warrior is platform play with logical parts that are not hard at all really. You will have to stray investigation džungli - similar environment and collection objects. You can run and jump and throw some rockies as the only primitive weapons you have you got. ; the point is to found sacred armour, do, to it worked and use it against intruders. Armour be in fact cyborg- oblek some kind which can fly and fire away lasers (of what change). Now when you can fly, you you can get into upside hereof primitive world and aggressive foreign base which inhere in old volcano. Demolition foreign computer system also will wake up volcano and destroy whole base, which means demolition of all intruders and freedom for your people.

Except little elements, these games is brilliant and adjusts themselves except all other platform plaies. Even if you do not like this kind plaies it is improbablethat the this play will no give you much merry entertainment. Try to it, sham, loves it!!!

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Palace Software, LTD., Spotlight Software


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