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Já jsem si jist, že vy máte všechny slyšený lumíků předtím, a jestli vy nemáte, kde jsi byl? Lumíci jsou pravděpodobně jedni z nejpopulár


Quik The Thunder Rabbit Reviews

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Village rabbit has run carrot, so they send their hero, Quik, find legendary virtuous seed carrot which produces infinite reserve. There's a problem though... to be able to find this seed, Quik have to pass countries full dangerous monsters.

Play piles from four by other level, and every level has four steps. Subject games is to found exit in every rungthat the always be situated on far right. Sound too simple? Read more to find out.

Every rung be full of enemies who Quik can roll into and destroy, vacation of behind carrot, drip flask waters - or heart. At top screens, you may see these entries and issue beside every/him. Health ( heart) decreases only when Quik be hit enemy, but thirst ( drip flask) and hunger ( carrot) must be satisfied all the time. If some of the numbers drop to zero, Quik will die.

Crest for health is nine, while for thirst and hunger it is ten. In addition, you can find three another moci - ups: head rabbit gives Quik extra life, green light tax make him faster and invincible, and red tax allows him jump extra high. There are also secret hall, headwaters (trampolin), and ladders which help Quik achieve his object.

In some rungs, you must find door before, than you can get out. These door withdraw from Quik back in time to sub - gamete that is of a little different from main games. In submarines- hrách, your the point is to peaked levels of, where you will find o'clock. Collect o'clock, and main play will continue by. Every sub - gamete has bird which fly around and implore catch Quik and pull him back to bottoms levels of. Quik falls health if he fall, but bird cannot be destroyed. There are also spoke and next danger to give wide berth.

After finishing four rungs, you will have to play through next sub - gamete before amounting to next levels of. But these under - games are different from previous . Quik be taken into labyrinth and have to find out way, then you will have to beat end- of - lion boss in.

Finding door is definitely the most difficult imposition in play. They may be hidden in secret halls, or so high cannot achieve them European red elder dues or spring. Later stage be as gigantic as though finding door they may quite take a while. Longer it is taking end rung, the more Quik needs carrot and water. It's reason, why it is not familiarize oneself collect is if Quik already be full of. Also, you can usually only jump over enemies and will not annihilate is.

Play has good music which fits its atmosphere very well. It's kind jovial music you would heard on dětech - ův TV programme, namely turns among rung and levels. Sound effects be fairly barren of, because there are scarcely any- (even end front office will refrain no sound). Several roar and howl from enemies she would have handsome.

Except music, graphic art are also sound financial situation. Scrolling is smooth, and variety of enemy sprites be overwhelming. Backcloth and basis look look - alike Team17 - ovo Superfrog (at least it is that a, what I thinkthat the). Quik looks more like stuffed animal than real rabbit, but I think he is supposed to.

Quik Thunder Rabbit be suitable for children and opportunity field. level problems is low, and teaching operating controls only is taking few seconds. First you cannot like "low gravitational pull" sensation, but it is the only things, that do this play special. It to be almost amusing how long it is taking fall, especially in rungs underwater. This whacking platform play be highly recommended.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Stywox


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