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Quarky & Quaysoos Turbo Science Reviews

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Quarky & Quaysoo - ovo turbo Science be released Sierra he - Line in the year 1992 how part Sierra Discoverů be subdivided into several lots. It's quiz show fit for children ages 9 to 14, with gigantic row subjects taken from physicists and chemistry.Setting is peculiar world where people and foreignes holds - ův turbo Science ' race, in which the you have to attain objective before rival team does. Race lets you about map with a number of pages, every devoted certain subject. There are areas involved in everyday physics, but also specific dealing with aerodynamics, pressure, magnetism, etc .. To be able to move forward, you have to pay for transit to the next checkpoint. There always be more'n some vehicle to elected, and quicker vehicles costs more'n slower .

You can make money finding correct answers to questions, and from time to time you will also awarded special increases. How play runs into a kind of real-time clock, not only you have to answer well but also faster than your opponent of, and do good election about which vehicles use, especially on highers levels problems. There are two ways to set difficulty games: First, you can choose among easy and heavy questions, and second, there are a few teams opponent of, which become quicker and more quick rally, that you win.

Quarky & Quaysoo - ovo turbo Science has really amusing setting and story which catchs rather dry interrogative style. It is like answering multiple- vybraný test at school, but entertainment and healthy- animated backcloths and really eccentric soundtrack. Protection more'n 2,300 questions, play can ride on for hours before, than it becomes repeated and even when most children prefer play to next games, that is handsome addition to of each of collection - even adults will find it interesting.For it is slack Sierra, that has typical ' Dynamix lower nightclub ' style, like all later Sierra adventure, and is therefore easy to understand and control.

I evaluate this play 4, how are not much educational plaies which really succeed in lead over some acquaintance with and are comical to played at the same time.Nowadays by many tzv . ' cerebral coachs ' be released on market. This play come in handy to addition towards them, not only if you want to speed up your brains but also improve and strengthen your acquaintance with.

DOSBOX is needed hereto, run Quarky & Quaysoo - ovo turbo Science. If you want, to sound, run INSTALL.EXE first and pick sound card for music and audio output. You can hold standard configuration for controller sound; DOSBOX adapt to these.

Part Sierra Discoverů be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.


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