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Withdraw from fever, fever and conspiracy mad with taxi and impertinent Duke Nukem in driverseat. It's how I'd describe quarantine. It be quick, action- wrapt and extremely cheery.

Paint place in future named Kemo Cities where dormer is grey, outhouse are fall about you... You be unemployed and has no way of making your ends encounter. Life is spitting you in face every only day. A just when you thinkthat it%%= cannot be even worse this, all hell will run off about you. Autos suddenly spurs up the street... Skipping out of the way just before first car could soil you carriage way, you quickly fight your legs and runs for canopy nearest to indoors you can find.

Then life throws you stroke... Autos are gun - toting! Gooly are will fly through air, and some of them finded their ways to outhouse you skulk v. Several other people's are shout as they are torn separate uninterrupted hail metal, painting masonry red with their blood and intestines. Mrštte down themselves on the floor, you can feel bullet centrifuging through hair on your neck. Too near! Evidently this is not such good place to stay on.

You revealthat the you have you got dilemma. Outhouse isn't safe, but where you can go? Street be all the more vital. Despite... cannot stay on here, that is for sure! While gooly always rages on all societies, you crawl for nearest exit... examiner give wide berth view of cadavers falsehood all over floor and furniture. Bloody and in shockthat the you achieve your purposes and arrive in small rear avenue. Avenue is snug big bricks- zdmi... In the end safe! No entrance hell you gooly they may penetrate by the following wall! Time to agree and bring in plan.

Choicely watching around the corner you may see numerous autos drive about in the streets shooting of all, what moves. Next pedestrians be killed at once autos impaling is on their bumper or shooting is from afar. Soon cadavers have make - up small rivers of blood it is slowly do that is trip to town sewers. Haemorrages blood are warped high in the air how vehicles be in a hurry though forming pool on carriage way. Then suddenly it beats you... Autos are not will not locate on people on the streets. They are trying to fire away themselves mutually! Well... perhaps boy in yellow taxi they are trying to kill pedestrian, but the rest are examiner to displace next autos!

It consterns you why autos they may withdraw from everything this punishment and always was able to stop, into one of them will bang into outhouse... tearing except colour- práci on his right. ARMOUR! Autos are armoured! You come to realizethat the would likely did you be safe how passenger in one of vehicles, than being out on the streets.

Hell... If only of these fellows would drove that the you lead you would like give him or her all your money. A you be but bought themselves new rifle; perhaps it is time take it out of from below bed... It's worth a try. Did you dead if you only stay on here. Could also implore hitchhike with one of them...

Quarantine has all of it! Whacking dim - witted merry making connect with dim - witted huckster- and- slash conspiracy! You bypass in city, pick up passengers and examiner remove competition. Usually at the same time. For money you get from your passenger you can buy upgrade for your vehicle, be it arms or armour.

But play also has story incorporate at that: 2022 Kemo Citůs is jewel west and hovercar metropolises world. A successful town eastwards Coast Spojených states. Like some /every /no metropolis, Kemo City have in plant criminal problem. In Kemo, nevertheless crime became a so extensivethat the law enforcement authorities they will both vain and extremely expensive. Act start about perspective solvings.

2026 Kemo Cities's criminal problem notching epidemic proportions. Economy slows to near stopping, while crime and traffic black market becomes only source of income for Kemo - ovo de - poisoning inhabitant.

2029 will enter Omnicorp. This Mega Corporation has big scheme for Kemo, declaration they may clean town and that is criminal problem. Project is code named Q.

2030 construction 5 metre strong, 10 - undergrounds high wall compound from plasticize concrete and steel begins. Inhabitants be said that the wall be merely "defensive measure, " and as though alleyway in and out Kemo will freely bestowed.

2031 wall about Kemo near completion. Few of happy inhabitants succeed in escape how scare begins swallow up Kemo City.

2032 June 3, wall is completed and only way out sealed closed. Project "quarantine" now in extenso be functional and Kemo happened to in - prison town. In conjunction with insulative current forcible population, Kemo also will serve as prison for another forcible jailbirds.

2043 Omnicorp will adjudicate prove "Hydergine 344", on current population, neurodrug heralded to removed "criminal cogitations" in patients. Hydergine 344 is superior into quarantine- ovo water supply.

2045 unknown to designer Hydergine 344, Kemo - ovo water supply have abnormal high bacterial and viral content which react with Hydergine 344 forming psychoreactive virus. Virus makes synaptic failure, main symptoms be forcible psychopathic tendency. About half of incarceration became crazy forcible jugular freaks intent on killing anyone who isn't crazy forcible jugular madman.

2047 virus be spread.

Now come in you, player, and any shreds be in another one's shoes. Time to do some weighing charge disfigurement on the streets Kemo!

If play has one defect it is this: Operating controls are different from what we be used to in today's competition peas, so getting used hereto, to movement under quarantine can withdraw from some time. But remembering back to when I had a play installed on mine 486, I can promise you that the operating controls CAN BE mastered! If you prance about at that any time of the play, you should check handbookthat the is included in file. It says you everything, what do you need.

Good Luck!

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Imagexcel


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