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Já pamatuji si vidění této hry v mém příteli dávno, a já pamatuji si jak žárlivý já jsem byl o něm. Hra je vynikající když přijde na hru,


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Golden Axe is computer game - arcade published in the year 1989 firm Sega. Was it first play those set.

vicious enemy kidnapped king and princes and holds is in captivity. Slew your chum, that is of patrolled. Your imposition is save king and princes at any rate and you have to carve over often strong competitor. Has? on selection of the three heros, advise dwarf with the axe, or zahrej with chum, double it better there is a draught.

you can either normally cut, or use thaumaturgy (Shiftem, strongest thaumaturgy has female, weakest dwarf) or either enemies withdraw from combat animals, dragons and such starvation wages, but good potvůrky and use attack animal, which pay out.

after by many levelech prokousáte to king and princes. The you warmly will thank and tell youthat the yet it is necessary knock down author evil. Who thoughtthat the this already is happyend, badly misleaded. It worst is just beginning.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Synthetic Dimensions



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