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Pushover be too delightful and clever little games. Did you ant, and your mission is to buckler Colin Curly - ovo quavers (tiffin). Colin Curly is dog by the way :) you execute this imposition rearranging yellow blocks sothat the when you push last, all of them fall in dominoed effect. Several first - level will somewhat simple, but be fooled!As soon as you finish - ův education ' levels of where you learn what another type special blocks do, things get enough to intricate. Only if it wasn't enough to, all levels are timed so you will not be able to sit up and think as if you played chess part. You will have to act fast and come to a solving at rearranging blocks. But no get frustrated if you don't solve all levels for the first time, when you do you see is. In second phase games you end playing several power level until 10, 20, 30nebo who knows how many a time. It is a very provocative, nevertheless entertainer. Every once in a while level, you will provided with code, so you won't have to start play from the beginning always. Operating controls be enough easy to coped - you can stroll around application level cursor keys, lift blocks with through space, and push block printing space + direction in which the you do you want to pushed it. Graphic art are simple and function, and it is not no problem nothing more how is requisite herewith genre. There are three sound modes - PC speaker of, Sound Blaster and Adlib so probably you will find thatthat the throws your needs. Lastly, whacking thought that is of perfectlly commuted to comical play!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Red Rat Software Ltd


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