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Já jsem hrával tuto hru na můj první PC, a já pamatuji si, že já jsem dostal závislý velmi rychle. To bylo dané mě přítelem koho měl siln


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pole position is competition play; did you figure 1 driver, and you do you want become champion. Strains easy, and that is. There's no conspiracy or track selection, only simple competition on before - -defined turfy tracks. Every new course have more veer, some of them quite sharpthat the make it more difficult to get into objective faery.


drive in those play be too easy. You can define key to control acceleration in, braking, veer left and right, and switch aggregate (your car only has two). When you you are driving, you need choicely give wide berth your opponent of; failing that your car will explode only at the touch of is, taking quite a few seconds from your valuable time. Id. occur when you implore drive through characters on the part of tracks.

Time is prize in those play, but no for obvious reason. Can you be thinking, "If I lose time, I lose mine position on race." amusing thing is that athat the play traces your position; if you run through next car, you obtain nothing, and if somebody catchs you, you lose nothing. All that arrangements is to get into checkpoint some time ago will run out - I I trust you can envision what happens when timer notching zero.

END OF PLAY graphic art isn't good, and four- barevná palette be not doing play enough to. Except hereof, cathode - raytube looks like it streamed into two parts: Lower one shows course, and that is place where you should look; upper part shows some mountains, that roll right and left when you walk about curves, and sky.

To start this play, you have to mount diskette period in DOSBOX and copy all files at that, then operate DRIVE set. It's a little tricky to find out how to mount flexible disk, so check DOSBOX handbook for chicken. To my mind, play offers enough to enjoyment for quantity effort, that you need to exert to get it to ran.

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: Namco Limited


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