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Je čas požadovat zpět jaký byl váš infact. Váš oddaný přítel který zůstal v loďstvu zatímco vy být odvolaný, potřebují pomoci. Vy jste mu


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Old doesn't need to mean bad. Although there are many amusing educational plaies in business, you can always try older games which be often good enough. Instance they will "gambling club".

Play consists of 6 activities. It begins where child's world begins - in childish rooms. Clicking on various entries here shows animation or play to sound. So have you have you got access to all to these activities:

- o'clock: Child can learn what do you usually do in specific o'clock. Every hour is coloured pictorial - e.g. with picture sleeping mice or breakfast table. It can also teach discrepancy between AM and PM.

- luck charm: Luck charm consists of 3 part - head, fragment and legs. Clicks every part turns it. Child will relish making mascot with head elephant, fragment dragon and legs witch. There is also key here which makes accidental luck charm when pressed.

- board game: Your typical board game. There are square which send field forward and square which send him conversely. Innovative element here’s as though always 3 cubes are roll instead of 1. Player have to pick one of them. This teachs reasoning and strategy. Child designating which movement will do him went furthermost.

- book label: Child be presented scene. Above scene there are letters - clicks every letter set up label; e.g.c' shows kettle, f' shows nymph and ' w' is magician. Clicks label allows you to give it to in scene. There are two scenes: Fairyland and street, every with their personal set labels. This activity teachs letters.

- adding toy: Child can choose object and quantity objects. If you click on mouse, you have workout: child is shown several objects. The point is to reckoned objects and pick issue. If reply to is correct, child is awarded with animation. There are 4 levels of problems which be set by disconnect switch on the right. This activity evidently teachs numeration and numbers.

- writing toys: A small computer with keyboard. Child can write letters upon this keyboard. If you click on mouse, you have workout. Child pick word and writes it on keyboard. If reply to is correct, animation is shown. You can also choose "surprising word" - it is random word always. This activity teachs... well, withdraw from judgment :)

now we get into technical sloped edge games. Graphic art be too well done. It be but pleasant to be watching them, especially in coloured book label. Sound is PC loudspeaker... but it in reality is not very bad. You can in reality listen to it without covering your ears.

Together, I give this play 4th Unfortunately it have not got much activities, but they're pleasure. Also, graphic art come in handy tothat the will do so good play to kept your children busy for a while.

Run this play using Playega.exe.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Br?¸derbund Software, Inc.


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