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Tetris je jedna z nejúspěšnějších a nejznámnějších her, která se proslavila po celém světe nejen svou původní verzí z roku 1985, ale i desít


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Pizza magnate was one of those plaies which swarm into businesses after main success traffic magnate. It is not so known collectively as his big brother (or how good), but it is merry making little games to played once in a while.

You begin the dream of going biggest selling pizza producer in the world and gradual work your way direction hereto end victory pizza competitions, inventing new pizza, outhouse coldest Restaurací, and of course, foukánímvašich rivals up! Play has two sides; one is friendly and inventive pizza producer.... And next is ominous and ruthless maffia boss in! Nejené you in the end rule pizza market, but so have you govern nether world!

Suit making new prescription for your Restaurants be based on real pizza making, and me find that difficult play to this play without needed pizza later. Outhouse new restaurant is also mirthquake, how so enable you to use your creativity to made every little detail. Nezapomeněte to build restaurant which the likes of. Pizza magnate is one of rare plaies outside where eye - appeal is necessity in everything what do you do you do.

Graphic art in play be exceedingly workmanlike from maps cities and world, to details on pizza and flowers in your little pizza seats.

Microprose succeeded in creation play that is of merry making, inventive and new. Pizza no will never same!

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Cybernetic Corporation


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