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Perfect General II Reviews

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Perfect universal II is introductory turning- based strategy game, intended for people, who will never didn't play to some before. It's converting off board game that the developers play at their office. At least, that is that a, what developers claimed.

Play consists of of both single Player and Hotseat (two- hráčské) modes. One player is taking side attacking (Red) Army, and next troll side defences (blue) Army. Field control their military, ordering movements and attacks, purchase periods, and ordering artillery loom.

; aim? To earn more points than your opponent of operating cities and objective faery to the end scenarios; or only have a good time outhouse your militaries and demolition friend.

Unitary list for by any side consists of military common consumer's goods: Infantry, machine - guns, engineers, Bazookas, armour autos, armour autos with machine - guns, light tanks, medium tank, heavy tank, tanks elephant, aviations, mobile the artillery, and light and heavy artillery. Every period has it's own force and weaknesses which be due, based on unitary type, although couple of can surprise you; for example, light Tanks be able to move through the wood faster than any other period, and Engineers inductive damage on periods true - to - scale straight heavy tank.

Every veer is broken up into multiple "phase" where single sided moves, then next, then on next phase. scrap veer onto phase, that offers more complication in play without burdening players with micromanagement, as well as will make easy new players to learned / knew play. Player never will be feel heavy - laden with turning- by - ox micromanagement because of system phase. Phase holds play fluxion and are proposition hereto, to automatically walk up and down to the next when flow one is full, so that the player may never strike "end phase" or "ends turning" button.

Phase are: Buy Units; Dislocate Units; Artillery confirmation; Bombardment; Case I firing; Movement; Case I firing (for troop which hasn't unchallenged yet this veer); Artillery preparation; Score; and end veer. First two phase are not used every veer, except in a few scripts.

Play cycles through all peas troop automatically, so you will never don't come down from ft about them. This feature be more useful than anybody would believed, even for old - timer player. Land - gamete map which field they may use to got survey scenarios is excellent, and is probably best map I have ever seen in turning- based play. That puts detailed map terrain, plus several filter command to showed or hide troop and zone placement, cities Dember effect, and town name (yes, creators called the every town in every script).

Operating controls pile from combination mice and keyboard. Some instructions they may only get by using keyboard, such as opportunity fire and defensive fire against aviations. In spite of need to study / knew hotkeys, there are so few of them as though it be easy to study / learn them all.

Graphic art uses catch it colours and graphic art drawings to appeal for younger generation, faithfully children and before - - léta adolescence. Everything be easy to identified in glace leather, from terrain periods. Field they need will never no lay up question, "is that a light or heavy tank?" or "is that a river or lake?" or "is that a wood or clean grazing land?" play also included map editor which you permitted do your own map to play.

Sound effects are "tinned" strains: people marching, arms tingle, autos and tanks pilot. Nothing magnificent, but good enough to, to amuse with and make you want to hold sound on.

There's a very much laundry list scripts to played, feature which offers much repetition. Also, scenarios are broken into by other caregory, with by any caregory having slight change to troop by any side can use, and slight change to play rules. A set map books bring in play, every book providing information desk about anyone particular script with map terrain for script concerning.

At the end of each of scenarios, every player commence based at it, how much points, that they earned in comparison with how much points were to be would could leathered. Highest rank is "perfect universal, " which to be almost impossible to earn, how so requires player to handled EVERY town on map from first until the last veer without soever lose control over some /by every /no town. I'm earned perfect Všeobecnou rank but one. Field also have several graphs they may look on to see how fast they extract articles in comparison with their opponent of, as well as troop lost and destroyed at the end scenarios, give you proper image where you could have losable play.

Perfect general II is one of the best deck- stylu, turning- based strategy games it get along during DOS era. It's excellent games for beginners to played, as well as entertainment for old - timer player because of its miscellanea and simplistic complication. It's even better, if you have you got friend to sham with.

If never yet aren't no played turning- based strategy game before because did you being aware of micromanaging or "forgettery important troop, " then it is games to you.

Practicable as though begins play in DOSBOX is Dos - boxing.bat, tpg2.exe won't work.

Picture original CD (tpg2.iso) it is possible find in file; it needed, to run game.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Quantum Quality Productions


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