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Buck Rogers je hrdina knihy komiksů budoucnosti, z vzdálené minulosti. To byli během obou světových válek že Buck Rogers narodil se jak d


Pacific General Reviews

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Pacific general is fifth play in line 5 Star General plaies created Strategic Simulations, Inc . Play is taking best first four, panzer universal, Allied General, Fantasy General, and Star General, and combines is in an exemplary way.

How its name implies, Pacific general them of fight for Pacific among near. S. and Japanese during world wars 2, both underfoot and out at sea. You withdraw from control of marine and terrestrial force appropriate nation how do you play through campaign or various scenarios, which consists of pivotal conflicts odd what - if scripts.

Plane glass surface If yet it's never played 5 Star General serial play, plane glass surface be easy to solve. Point- and- clicks, small experimentation, and some common sense is everything what needs solve what various buttons do. Some /every /no beginner can play to this play, while old timers always they will love it.

Pivotal discrepancy between plane glass surface Pacific universal and general panzer is that a unitary power issue change colour when period finished his veer, that be too better system than flashing whites pixel show which periods hasn't beenusedještě. Also, ability move, deselect, again will scented, and end your movement and/or attack was added. Along the top screens you catch sight of words "Prestigea X" and "veer X (XX)." hover over your mouse cursor by the following say to revealed extensile play menu. Control interface contradistinguishs from Všeobecného plane glass surface panzer, with a couple of reserves: emendatory naval button, weather forecast in the corner, and small alert if moving aircraft to faery your mouse cursor is hover over will results in a your aircraft no have got enough firing to get back to airport or transporter. If you have ever played panzer universal, Allied Generalnebo even Star General, you can successfully work plane glass surface no problem, but you perhaps several smaller problems if you be but played Fantasy General.

Withdrawal troop, then left- clicks at it again while choice reopening unitary menu for getting into carter's take - off deck, plunge submarine, get supplying, etc .

Pacific general has sound background during games. Music is handlist 1940 - ovo American instrumentals and classical Japanese music. Graphic art finishes gently improved panzer universal, and combat animation don't exist.

Pacific general has multiplayer qualification. This includes your typical Hotseat mode with both of field in same computer, reticular mode, and amusing- - E - Mail method.

Play notice most important change is as though troop can be deselect after shift/attacking and always be able to move/assault later during of even veer. If period disuse everything his movement articles when brought forward, that can be choice later during of even veer to finished using of those kinetic points; it can also assault and then move - or move and then by assault even then, what was to de- vybrané and again- vybrané. It be the first used in Star General and be of consequence improvement over next games in 5 Star General set.

There are a few pivotal discrepancy between Pacific general and his panzer ancestor of Všeobecného, mostly because of new naval unit. Play alone stays same than in panzer Všeobecném: move periods and attack friend at examiner catch choice little cities and airports. Marine scenarios are slightly different. Instead of troll localities, did you request, to destroyed definite number different boats kinds: carriers, battleship, motor boats, destroyer, etc .

some more changes: You have you got DVOUŽILOVÉ army group. First be formed ex ship and carrier - based aviation, while second is formed from infantry, tanks, land - based aviation, the artillery, etc . just like in panzer Všeobecném.

There are now two others sorts airports: tiled airportthat the work equal airport in panzer Všeobecném, and new seamy airportthat the cannot interchange losses. New aviation cannot be placed in seamy airports, but seamy airport always fill and rearm aviation how normal. Be also worth noting is two others sorts aviation: land - based and carrier - based; it it is important because only carrier - based aviation they may land on or be placed in, air crafts, while land - based aviation they may only use airport. Carrier - based aviation also count as land - based aviation, so they may use airport also.

Air boats work failing that from airports. Aircraft have to finish his moving in the faery with air by boat and is moved to carter's hangarthat the lie aviation must be hereto, to was fill, rearmed, and get supplying. Exception to this is for some /every /no fighter planes ascribed how Combat air patrol protection transporterthat the are automatically fill and rearmed every veer, but have to always land to got supplying. Every transporter has limited number of slots for aviation in his hangar, so you will need more'n one transporter. If you lose transporter, all aviation in carter's hangar be beyond retrieve also.

Craft they may get damage during battles. Damage taken can twiddle one's thumbs quantity thing, from making boats unable to drowe or fight, home be unable to seen, home beings under fire which more cause losses every turn, to carter's hangar be condemnation, etc . buying supplying do remove damage, how do you receive undamaged craft, but you can also use emendatory naval buttonthat the abstracting damage free and sometimes substitutes couple of wastes free at the expense of naval veer. There'll red symbol beside naval force numbers to showed that the ship was involved.

There is also new air caregory, bomber torpedo, that can assault craft from clingy faery instead of entrance naval faery to assaulted.

To every, who always hates see rough Defense result, even that is of modified. Rough Defense hardly ever do not seem. Instead of there are a few new buoy effects: Tenacious Defensethat the be behind female former rough Defense; Tenacious attack, which makes ambusher stronger; and Banzai, which makes both troop take more losses than normal. Yes, that it is possible have all those happen all of a sudden.

How is typical in SSI peas, AI is rare, and tougher than in previous peas. Bucklers your carriers at any rate, how AI do everything, what it can, to localize and destroy is.

There it is one o'clock mission which be but playable at the end American campaign; you have to get only decisive victory through whole campaign to got this mission. There is also mission which be but playable how script and isn't there either Japanese or Americans campaigns.

Lockwork beside play changes, Pacific general is general panzer with navy. Anybody can study play to Pacific general within an hour or two at most through experiment.

If did you fan panzer Všeobecnéhonebo you do you want to handled fleet how opposed to military, consider Pacific general how your choice. As soon as you get over low learning curve, you will relish this precious stone from 5 Star General be subdivided into several lots. Only slip - up with Pacific general is that athat the campaign is shorter than panzer universal, and there are smaller scenarios to played. Instead of of what have special mission accessible for keeps during boom, you get option to buy new version by boat, aviations, and ground forces before normal.

It's fragment full games, music and some animation be out. Play runs in Windows XP and Vistě, that must be extracted to component without any gap of it is name, nevertheless. (e.g. C:GAMESPACIFIC)

I advise that the for the first time, when you play to Pacific general, you play script "halfway" with both of societies human- řízený, instead of education. Halfway is cells - námořní script so that you can learn new line and control of crafts and carrier - based aviation to she could have bend out some /by every /no possible problems/slip - ups during your 1st couple of marine misíve election play.

Part five - star be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Strategic Simulations, Inc.


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