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Abandonia take pride to presented surgical frog - eater! Nezapomeněte did you find it here first!ah, there is nothing like smell methanal on morning!surgical frog - eater is not as quite play, but it is such unique and creative programme as though I come through it I'm was valuable some attention.

Surgical frog - eater returns memories - no necessarily beloved one - that class biology in secondary school where you diced open frog to examined various internal part. Perhapsthat the they have - not it ceremony alleyway at school classes biology already no, but I remember it well.

Using your scissors, probe method, reading - glass and pair of tweezers, you slice up or restore viscus male or female Frogs. Nekuňkejte... there's no blood and guts here. Reinforcing is available in - line that accounts for all tools and drafts programme.

Surgical frog - eater also features excellent refer to every organ, schematics, marked parts, and related information desk.It's ' toad - ův replete useful information desk. This they will excellent instrument for writing experimental paper for classes.

It is also excellent source for home learned graduate student who might not failing that be able to play to doctor on real frog. This programme has of the whole tuitional benefits and no smell.

Whether you are you looking for something else and unique - or hope will disgust lewdnesses your small sestrunebo minded learn more about anatomy frogs, surgical frog - eater is excellent training programme. Now scamper hereto and slice up frog!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Interactive Picture Systems


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