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F-117 Stealth Fighter Reviews

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F - 117A Stealth fighter - Nighthawk is starsimulátorthat the came out of American firm MPS Labs in the year 1993.

play be enacted behind time already terminate cold wars (eightieth and nineties 20.cent .). Fly pursuit plane earlier used like bombarderthat the? wasn't too distinguishable radars thanks his form. Pick near CO region, where do you want have mission, after it you order, what have you got destroy, have on selection from airy (Air mission), or bombing (strike mission).

in every lion have you got two purposes, in airy destroy aircraft and ground target and in bombing two terrestrial? purposes. Before by any mission you can elect fit rackets or bombshells. Be here on selection three steps burdensomeness as well as possibilities destruction at rougher touch - down.

graphic art is in short weak, play plaies? one of nejpůvodnějších 3D graphic designer in DOSU. It play much will not add in. But act puts, strains are totalled in Adlibu (in DOSBOXU does work even if have you got Soundblaster) and in mid air is that a often nice - looking slaughter, you can fire away and from machine - gun. Of course your gunpoint are rackets, on destruction at a distance. Narozdíl from matter, when you will hit racket, so survive. Have you got several lifes, but at affection foreign racket you always in pursuit plane something disables. Have also protection against rackets. Flare - signal rocket against thermally guided rackets and Chaff - deflector radar guided fire into.

on side is possibility of fly and above SSSR and contend Soviet gun - toting siám. These mission are one of hardest. Failing that by herself play is relatively well designed and be here original fighter planes, radars, building and seats according to deed?nose.

me personally seemed much long and that himself years, even if puts time speed up, entertained me largely air battle and demolition different buildings.

in the end would saidthat the this title ground another flying simulators and isn't on damage him few times try. By the way Nighthawk entails night hawk.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: MPS Labs


F-117 Stealth Fighter - download


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