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In the near future, humanity fecit ultimate weapon demolition: tanks OGRE. These massive behemoth to be almost unarrestable, with rather armour periods to to be almost insusceptible everything without nuclear weapons, as well as enough to firing force to erased whole infantry division single - handedly. In addition, they're sentient, able thinking and consideration for himself.

Your mission: stop one of these tanks OGRE before, than it nobody's your command post.

The bogey man be based on board game of even name, which makes understanding deck play rules useful, and is setting in near- budoucí scientific- fikci Zemi. Using multiple periods to made one combined attack against OGRE is requisite to be able to stop it.

Graphic art are simple notation and colours, mostly black and white, plant hexadecimal grating.

Sound consists of simple PC-SPEAKER noises: peep and brands to presented attacks, hit, and misses. Only music is in introduction and termination, when either OGRE or command post be destroyed. Sound effects of other bow poisonous, and there is no way thrust forth is.

Play be governed by in conjunction with mouse, by using clicks, possession, and tow system for all order. You click on something, hold down left key mice, and pull cursor to where do you want period to drowe or what you want assault.

You can play to either single - player or with friend. Single - player put you in control of periods harden off imperious stand while drive computer - aided OGRE. If you play to two- hráčský, one player controls defence force, and next operating controls OGRE.

How defence attorney, you place your troop, craters, and rubble (represented black hexadecimal societies) nevertheless you do you want on map. Once defence attorney be finished placing his periods, choice "play game" from menu, and OGRE is placed along bottoms map.

The bogey man can be played in less than a thirty minutes behind play. Replayability rather have one's limits, since, what do you be but able change unitage you place, where and how much craters there are, and whether you contend Mark 3 (easy) or Mark 5 (hard) OGRE.

It's simple game you can play to quickly. It's best played once in a while instead of repeatedly for hours, how this will burn out some /every /no enjoyment you perhaps have you got therefor.The bogey man be more advertising to sales promotion bogeymen and GEV line table plaies and miniatures than amusing games for its intrinsic cause.

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: ORIGIN Systems, Inc.


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