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Ocean Ranger Reviews

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When I'm bought mine at second hand C64 I I'm got much plaies together with it. Between those was also play named Ocean Ranger. Title sounds good, so I'm it put walks namely prove one of the best C64 plaies I have ever played!

Of course I'm be too excited to auditioned PC version games and usually have big expectation is not as quite good idea, how do you usually end disappointed, but no in this case. Play perhaps is missing several smaller things, but it is yet only good! There's no speech at the beginning and sound is PC speaker of only, but except of what play stayed same.

You be too happy young mate, to you did you get up - to - date frigate, near.S.S. Ocean Ranger allot. It's your duty and privilege to ordered ship with his nice - looking garrisoned everything all the world over. Running dangerous office into enemy waters, that you need take great care. Fortunately shipthat the you control is lot more advanced then anything enemy can toss at you, so you have you got whacking advantage even when outnumber!

Good Luck!

At the very beginning play will ask you to choose graphic look (and me high press up to you, so that chose EGA graphic art). Next question about mouse will appear. If you statethat the you have you got mouse you will be able move finger with it (that is of welcomed addition) and fire (although I suggeststhat the you does not make it, how that is easier if you play of the whole play simply using keyboard).

Don't worry at this point. Play is cracked, so when did you request, to enter password, you can inscribe on approximately anything and play will start!

OK, first thing you catch sight of now's selection portfolios. Abstractedly this means play can support as many players how there are portfolios (until 10 players), play at hot armchair, although this play probably wasn't meant how multiplayer play.

When you create portfolio so have you get into choose theatre action (Beringa sea, Southeast Asia, Central America or Persian Gulf) and level problems ( duties indoctrination - easiest, regular forces duty, Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Council - hardest). More enemy theatre is, more enemies will, so for the first time I I preferthat the you try out Beringa sea duty indoctrination (not much action off coast Alaska, so only thing to meet by boat). After withdrawal hereof (and you can change level and theatre before by any mission) you proceed to missionary debate and mission begins.

In debate you get basic information on mission. You catch sight of where prime and where secondary purposes are, what do you need to destroyed and what kind of conditions you will have to face. After choicely read through it (although as soon as you get accustomed to play, you will not really won't you pother much therefor no more) did you proceed to supplies.

Here you can supply your ship arms and firing. Because your naval wearing compatibility isn't boundless you should carefully selected equipment to took with you. You will be able to get back to home plate and again- dodávat themselves during mission also, but you need to be careful at this point. Easy scenarios are not problem, but the more provocative one will require much firing and various arms, so make sure, whether you choose wisely. To help you, I give insight into function arms are:

76mm shell are released from naval arms and be the only weapon with which you destroy sea mine. You can also bring down an aircraft with it and destroy enemy craft with it (both within easy reach). On the other side, cannot use it against submarine!

Sea guided missiles sparrow they will take out aviation as soon as they seem. Guided missiles

harpoon they will take out enemy craft while they're yet that far, they will be able to strike you.

Deep mine gratuity be the only efficient weapon against submarines. There are some mission where you will not even unweave with below, but there are many mission where there'll much below about. It is therefore good idea have healthy reserve deep mine pumas (if you run next ammunition, you can always fall back to your reliable 76mm arms).

So have you have you any teasethat the plait enemy radar. There are a few you can carry and if used with radar jammer would didn't have would get attacked too by many enemies all of a sudden (failing that they may honk up up to you and tail off you). Also hampers distance, so you will not run out of fuel. You have you any reserve, but no much.

Now did you ready to start mission alone.

You start in your home plate with anchor fell, ready enlist in you duties. Upside screens presents your look. You you can look into of all four directions (you can strain between them with function key). Lower part screens has quite a few line at that. Left show you compass, time and weapon chose. In the middle of are two screens. Both can appear in 7 another cathode - raytubes, giving you another information desk. I I prefer you have aim and radar screen on (I explain later). A transport about them you may see your rate of swelling, coordinates and fuel level.

As soon as enemy is near you will acquainted and rectangle discovers. When it is black, you will not be able to strike friend (it is either except range - or you handle weapon choice this is not appropriate for such aim). When it whitens you should fire away! Burn arms probably you will need more then one - shot run time bases to destroyed aviation and craft - pits explode directly then, what was to bitwise. Below are hardest (and those are already only 4 enemy you encountering).

switching maps you will be able see which way to go and when you achieve missionary target area (where again you will have to destroy certain type friend - like anywhere else). I I prefer demolition so by many aims as possible (even before missionary region) how this gives you more points and always implore finish both prime and secondary mission before taking shore leave. You you can return into your home plate during mission (if you don't exhaust firing - or be sunk), but make sure, whether you only restocking and get back to mission. You refuse be a failure your top right now, you?

There are also a few more screens inside your bathouse. Three are of great importance: upkeep, damage and map. I explain them all later, along with control key for play.

After every completed mission your portfolio she'll get updated and if you exert well, you get decoration. Thatthat the do you really I don't want haste with them Purple Heart. Only way to get it is get sunk. Hopefully there'll friendly ship near, failing that your path ends and you get into relish inhospitality your usurpers.

You should also appreciatethat the there is no way buckler play. You can get out it after completing mission namely mission will stay on recorded in your portfolio (same walks if did you misfired it), but you will not be able to return thereinto status after playing next mission. So if you be killed portfolio will closed. You can always erase it and will start again - or you can leave it there (how sort of high score list) and open out new portfolio.

Povelové keys: LOOK: F1 - front view (in front) F3 - left look ( port) F5 - genuine look (genuine) F7 - rear view (weighing charge)

WEAPONS 1 - weapon 2 - controlled fire into sparrow 3 - guided missiles harpoon 4 - depth charge 5 - tease 6 - support foot VIEW

CABIN 8 - upkeep 9 - damage news 0 - seaview - - map = - grande map - map coordinates

DISPLAY FOREGROUND SCREENS [ - go away cathode - raytube ] - genuine cathode - raytube you can strain among 7 views: dinky map, objective type, water level, weapon, compress, mission coordinate, and radar. I I preferthat the you have you got radar one's screens and aim type overleaf (assisting when you encounter enemy).

OTHER KEYS - elevated regimen tabulator - downward tendency/increasing will cast anchor p - interval + - fire (you can also do that klicking mouse) f - fuel reserve with - sound on/margin - further goal will enter - returns front view

OK, so here you you are going svysvětlením onhow play to and I hopethat the you'll have so much merry entertainment herewith play like I'm used to have.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Activision Publishing, Inc.


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