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Obitus is - hrající play role released to DOS back in 1991. Originally released to Amigaa in 91 it be later ported SNES and behind. Play dumps you into fantasy world scarcely any- scenic line at all. In reality only thing I managed to join I'm was when I'm began it in VGA 16 coloured mode it to show me small film bolt of lightning striking wood and creative tower. How will do so relate to conspiracy? I I haven't any image; I know only as though you start in tower.

To back off a little nevertheless starting play give me pleasant surprise and headache. Fun was in feature which allow me to began in a few by other coloured regimes. After that there are 5 different languages you can choose, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Nevertheless after that moment has head was replete piecing pain. Do you know type severitythat the you get when one of your together - -workers begins talk about it, why his little ones are so good or about big game last night. Cause my severitythat the you ask? Blaring, wild, and high oblique music. Don't give me bad, I'm thought I'm was that the music come in handy to initially. It sounds good for older DOS play, nevertheless after about a minute from that I'm was leaved in with sensationthat the I'm got when my inner child was to erased ages 18.

So after pronate mine loudspeakers all the way I plough forward on real play play. You start in tower, no instructions if týče what do you be to do. Well at least no as though I could find. One thing I say animation buttons and veer to look on things in play is very liquid and it seems actual heat price. There's a menu which demonstrates 9 buttons for various action you can withdraw from, compass which indicate the directionthat the you face, boxing which shows sum you hold, and some peculiar bubble as though I will never didn't find out a solution.

There's a bribe in your legs and geminate door. Giving 2 and 2 together I'm decided to open up, and lo and see sightthat the I'm reappeared into the forest.

This faces me mine next point. How in hell you will find your road from wood where every tree looks same? I'm found out I'm wasthat the be quick getting lost, and only managed to figure it out when I'm scampered piece of paper and pencil and began draw mine way concerning mine little compass on menu. Walking through the wood I'm came on some fruit, arrows, coin and some next various material. Then I'm came across mine first monster.

He was archer first - rate, with his obeisance pulled and feather in his hat...Oh wait...what the hell isthat the he cheat!? He shot me! I'm even have not got into say hello, he only will stretch to stroke and starts arrow for me. So drawing mine quiver arrows (it's true I I haven't any obeisance) I'm shot back at him. By twos arrows to chest he seemthat the implode and smoke surrounded him. When it cleared there was frame. I can only hypothesize as though my friend archer, who now I will refer to how Bob, had his frame erased smoke. Barren of Bob!

He nevertheless left me next quiver arrows. Yet any obeisance, but evidently I have no need one. I must be He - Mans. Next wandering around at random yielded accidental personthat the unreasonably give me keys when I'm talking to him. Walking really geted me at this point so after several drinks it happened to much more pleasant. I'm encountered Bob again by the way-or one of his twins. Smoke land him !

Play mechanism it seems will break after this point. I could not find mine circuit seemingly infinite maze cloned trees. At this point I I'm seated and I'm ate some of the accidental thing, that I found along mine walking. I could not say half time what damn I'm hove into using Info. By this time in DOS lifespan I would have expected little more.

In the end succeed me stray onto of other region before through the woodthat the except small change to scenery really acts as though much different. I in the end hurt up I'm curled up in fetal position in the corner like I'm came over to contract conditions with mine seemingly infinite incongruousness to find out, what hell I had a do.

This play, while quite good in graphic detachment be wrapped up deficient storied development and instruction. I'm in the end elicit from Wikipedia that the real conspiracy is as though medieval story reader Wil zedník - ovo car breaks while he drive through Snowdonia in storm. He take refuge in desolate tower, only wake up in foreign world. Foreign world really, nor yet thatthat the I advise populating to anybody seeking strong conspiracy or pleasant problem solving. I give those play average score in the end because of good graphic art, different languages election and colour control.

Prosové: Liquid animation, rich in detail graphic art, 5 language election, 5 display colour control.Objections: Poverty of story and instruction, woods replete cloned trees, maze like play.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Scenario Software


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