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Action or strategy? Why not both? Why not north and south?

North and south be too interesting play which be enough hard to describe no as though there's a may be circumscribed), but I will try at all events. Play is setting in USA distressful civil war and there are four scenarios to elected. Differences be but slight. You can choose play to either CSA or sectional military, fight mutually. ; aim come through, remove force second parties. Are not much election, you can choose whether Indians and Mexicans will rest in, if weather will have any influence over conflict, and if Europeans make up one's mind trench. Also there are three setting problems, but play is easy against computer opponent of at all events (you can play to hot armchair play, and that is place, where actual heat price merry making begins!).

When you fight battle, play cut - outs into action mode, in which the you can allot your soldiers real time. There are three sorts periods - cavalry, infantry and the artillery. How always, each of them has specialty, but they are all in the same way dangerous your periods, while the artillery is probably too strong.

When you make up one's mind fight out one of 5 fort, every position on end railway - or when you make up one's mind stop monetary consignment, play will strain yet another into vogue arcade. If you want to finish it successfully, then you have to achieve ends train/strongholds earlier will run out, which will be intricate all kinds of hindrances and enemy soldiers.

Nevertheless, best way to learn how all play looks, and how good it is, is to draw down it ; )

This play will run WAY too fast if you run it in pure for analysis DOS mode or WinXP so uses DosBox and reduce to CPU cycles till then, than you get playable rate of swelling!

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Infogrames


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