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Nobunagas Ambition II Reviews

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Nobunaga- ovo ambition 2 is inspired strategy game placed in ancient Japan. Oda Nobunaga was daymio with single aim; join Japan under his rule. Something almost succeed him do as well, but now KOEI give you chance to do that, what one of most powerful warriors throughout history will never hasn't done.

I thinkthat it%%= is mine favourite of all old strategic plaies made KOEI, there be but so muchthat the you can do in those play. Above all you get into choose among 38 another daymio - ovo, every with another starting position and by virtue of. Then you have you got wealthy political aspect play, from recruiting more soldiers bribe enemy generals. If you don't act your loyal soldiers good, they could suddenly evidence to is not as loyal already no. Your enemy always examine buy your general, as well as be spread negative propaganda about you, doing that rougher to you hire new. Of course, you be allowed to do same sending snoopers into external regions and tear down is from within.

Then we've got real fight. Best way to fight is used numpad in combination with numerical instructions, and use grande quantity strategy, of course. At attacking region, you will first implore break outside embattle a city, then go over to infiltrating fortified castle and manslaughter or catch enemy general. If you be as happy to intercepted some /every /no general, you have you got another things you can do, so that is. You can either behead them ( set an example your enemies), exercise them as generals below your order (easy and cheap labour), or you can let fall.

Together Nobunaga- ovo ambition 2 is well - balanced strategy game it be fairly easy to study / knew , and play that can be played again and again. You not as quite are didn't finish play before you are completed it with each of 38 another daymio - ovo, and that is long into the future. Really recommended.

Play supports multiplayer until 4 players.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: KOEI Co., Ltd.


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