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Blood a Magic je ohromný málo hry souhrou. To je první RTS hra použít kobky & Dragons povolit. Hra vypadá dobře a zní dobře, ale dělá mít


Nippon Safes, Inc. Reviews

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Two most common elements in universe are hydrogen and stupid thing.Harlan Ellison (1934 - )

And Japan be full of of both! At least, in Nippon safes. In the year 1992, Dynabyte undid this play, namely spawn three characters we'd saw in many next peas: Nuts pastes, Donna Fatale and Dinoa Fagioli.

Merry making those games is that you can play to with all three of them. Everything have another story, but in the end three action find myself mutually in highly amusing angular point.

It's point- 'n' clicks adventure. Everything be done with mouse. You use left key mice stroll around, and genuine mouse button are used to make accessible action menu. It's easy how slap but unfortunately variety of action have one's limits. You can only interact with people (or objects) if it be in line with story. It means as though cannot play, something I only love to do in such peas.

Graphic art be too handsome. Backcloth are primely pulled, and this gives much handsome effect. Style to be almost kresba - similarthat the tack to humorous features games.

There are no sound effects. There's a musicthat the is given poisonous after a while, and you can only hearthat it%%= using DOSBOX.

Talking DOSBOX: play is playable, and how mentioned, you have you got music, but everything go slow and me advise run games without competitor.

Some more notes: use space bar to get out play; button ' S' saves play, use ' L' load one;

A verdict: graphic art, playability and humour quashes sound, dull play, somewhat difficult riddle and insect. This leaves play with respectable 3. Have a good time!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Dynabyte


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