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Ninja Rabbits Reviews

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"A leak - through in chemical factory filled world vital fumes nerve. Animals and people became incursive. Ninja rabbit is the only hope for finding escape and inquiry world from demolition."

ninja rabbits is sidescrolling buoy games. This is the first play in dimerous set. Continuation be called International ninja rabbits.

How name games suggests player controls ninja rabbit. You will have to use his ninjaskills slosh various enemies in three by other levels. Only "weapon" this rabbit carries is wooden pole rod but does not make worry, enemy have - not no better arms also. If enemy succeed in strike rabbit his health bar is given smaller. It showed how carrot in heat - left corner screens. You start play with by three lives but you can obtain extra lives finding carrot.

Enemy you catch sight of consist of of other animals, people and robots. You will have to fight but one enemy all of a sudden. Some of the enemies are better fighters than others and take more hit to hammered. Beware of decreasing rockies and volant golf ball too or sap our hero rabbit health very quickly.

Three levels of in good order are back country, town and factory. Every level consists of of several cathode - raytubes. You can achieve next screen usually only walking transport, but sometimes you will have to jump down to sewers or climb up ladders. If you be killed play proceed from your current screens.

Seriously vocal ninja rabbits have any scratches. Operating controls be outrageous, animation too slow angel have only pcspeaker sound effects. Graphic art isn't whacking also. You can more expect from games with so much interesting presumption.Despite, if you like slosh is games then perhapsthat the you will like this also.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: MicroValue


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