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Shadow Warrior vydaná roku 1997 je od vývojářů 3D Realms. Hra běží na stejném enginu jako známější Duke Nukem 3D, nebo Redneck Rampage.


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- jeden life. One play.Election?No election.Only Nethack -

Welcome, Mazes bluster...

It's wonder, play that is of development mad on almost for twenty years free. Without wage, without chrism premium and without shining porched paid society, even if it would be highly well earned... And that is wonder, what twenty years be able to do play...


It first begin as huckster / descent tramp, and originally be written Jay Fenlason among with Kennyem woody landscape, Mike Thome, and Jon Payne/. Huckster be back then only improved version tramp, but on same year, Andries Brouwer did main transcribing games, improved everything, and then disengage huckster 1.0.1, 1.0.2, and 1.0.3, whereupon, Don G. Kneller ported it PC. Then, after a while DevTeam lead from Michael Stephenson took play below their wings, and was to improving it from then hourly. A while DevTeams men multiplied, are there also others, who provided cogitations, even et al. variants Nethack /e.g Nethack+ from Stephen White and slash from Tom Proudfoot/ of the whole story development can be found here:

did you @. What more you need to knew...

Did you @, and they're letters, things, traps and door are notation, and walls are lines. So how do you distinguish is from eachother? Cannot, unless you will play game or learn handbook heart. You get accustomed to discriminative is in time, and at do that, you can also identify is from distance with look order ).

Action are keyboard control, with almost any by letter used, two - time. Sometimes even many a time, with shift and alto- verification. So yes, that takes time. You can sit up, eat, write, take sb. down a peg or two your face, please etc etc ... There are numerous instructions in play, but time it will take study / learn is will be worth that. All instructions are mentioned in handbook, and are also visibility in play, by pressing h /assisting/ and then list play orders.

Who are you?

You can pickthat the you name, character class, race, sex and justification - or let computer will adjudicate. Decision which you do, will influence your future play in numerous waies. Your gods will not be same, gifts as though you pull through offertory your god won't same, entries, skills and way that you can play whole play won't same. A they are not will never even if you would played same class symbol multiple times in a row. Why? Play it's never same...

Mazes bluster are generated invidually always, when you start new play. So will monster, dealings, and entries which you run against. Any play will played two - time (if you don't strike on dead body your previous games. Yes, it is possible)

characters obtain levels of, his skills will heighten if they are used, so will his skills.His reading ability spellbooks, ability use some arms, bare- předaný fight etc etc ...There are numerous skills that can be mature in a way "do and learn".


Integration into Valhaly, quatations from ancient myths, monsters from middle earth, thronerooms ancient kings, hives, business, Oracles etc ... etc ... You name it, so should it be found...

Play has immeasurable amount legacies of all, whether that will jellyfish from Greek mythology, Mjollnir from Valhaly or Balrog from middle earth, that can be found. A essential point is, that these will readjust play totally. A even if there are credit card, sweetheart cameras, flashlamps and cops attacking with cake, when you play to this alone at night, you will never you don't get sensationthat the something should not be in play or as though it reduces high immersionthat this play may have. A even when it walks only normal animals, objects or name, there's a ingame legacythat the offers long text them. E.g "one ring" would revealed start of books; Three rings for Elven - kings below sky...

There be more entries than you can reckon, more monsters than are there in peas, that did you played before bound together, more possibility of, more choise than would you mind soever dream are in play, whether you would was polymorphic himself into afemale dragon apotom parturient armies child's dragons or offertory your own stock your own god and is then chastening iron ball attached to your angle. That is all there...

There are no strains or music, no graphic gorgeous or oafish 3d creatures that are hunted with broken scattergun, no dance colours with inexplicit pixel no lions in cathode - raytube that would make you oscillate astonishment. There be but, Nethack, and it should have been more than one's.

Bottom line isthat the Nethack is exellent play, and as though it is worth every moment as though it is taking end it. Whether that will week - or rather for three years... - official site - leaf.html - spoiler and tips

Year of publication: 1992

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