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Četa je jeden z těch her, které já užívám aby miloval na dobrém starém starším kapitánovi 64 a proto já být vystrašený aby dát PC verze j


Nebulus (aka Tower Toppler) Reviews

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Nebulus was one of my favourite plaies on mine good old commodore 64 and for this PC-VERSION I can't say anything about of the chief deficits (except in graphic designer).

Did you small green pig - like foreigner and he came in your Mka.7 submarine to destroyed seven tower. To do so you need climb to angular point every namely turns out to be much harder than those sounds.

First enemy it is time. As soon as you did you make your ways to almost angular point towerthat the it projects and you need to restart at the very beginning. Secondly, enemy is green things, that it seems from time to time I wish throw off you your common position one or two stories down. Surplus enemy be but decoration. Run below bad tuber, fire at ball to stopped or destroy is and give wide berth slack bricks. You use abstracts and door to find your way up and here it have - almost done - clink - green light vertiginous thing struck you and are throw back to you to start of ... grmpf. I really I must saythat it%%= can make you quite evil - affected (especially when you write review and are in need of to took some good screens).

Operating controls are very good when you use joystick.If you will not, you perhaps do you want map your keyboard with DOSBOX to she could have play to this play with merry entertainment or perhapsthat the you do you love played with ' about' for left, p' for right, ' q' for up and ' ' for down with through space bar to jump and fire away. Nevertheless I high advise joystick.

Strains are circumscribed this way: any music. Some much unspecial sound effectsthat the do their work but nothing behind.

Is there, to more words other than:go further and give it a try!' ?

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Hewson Consultants Ltd.


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