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Twelve odvážní hrdinové jsou uvěznění v kameni a pohřbený hluboký pod chrámem Nebeského světla, připravený být nazývaný dále kdy země Kal


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How title costs, did you part constabulary given to combated trust by negotiation in stupefying agents (needle). Evidently such trust has island their personal as well as their personal military. But just make surethat the they be safe, they've everything hidden in qanat (which really at hand against air- raids).

But no matter how hard they will try, cannot run off of you! You go into a place system tunnel shooting everything in site and end their punishable activities. Well at least it is that a, what you will try to do. It is not as easy how can you think. Enemy forces outnumber you from far and you will need to be quite havoc happythat the succeed.

First thingthat the need so they overstate keys. I I don't know why, but cursor keys simply will not be work. Well only pick something, what he feels well. It's immaterial alteration trouble as though you will have to overstate keys every time you start play, but it is not it heavy draft back.

Next you may see map island and tunnels. You you may set teams to certain tunnel, but really never mind. You will need to cleared all tunnel at all events to could win and this can prove tricky, because there be no actual heat price map system tunnel (I think trust go between it how dead secret). You have you got compass which show you in which the direction you are going and you can implore build therefore, but tunnel be fairly similar, so you get lost easily.

Now every time you encounter enemy force, you build up. You will not be able to come on. Usually you will have only split second to reacted and fire away especially if you face bigger group enemies). You can fire away straits, left, transport and in sealing. Lower key you can strain among arms (you have you got two of them when you start). You can move left and right across through a tunnel though (and you should if bomb is toss at you, because if did you in the area explosion you will not will you take a long time, but evidently they throws some explosive nut, because only foot or two distant you are - outside ofthe blast effect), but I I preferthat the you stay on near up against the wall.

Sometimes you will go to point of intersection among tunnel. It lie it be easy to get lost. You should try and draw map system tunnel was able to build themselves.

It's more or less it for this play. It be firm shooter, but interactive map really would befit. So did I pass some missionary debate firstly. Oh well, I think cannot have all of it, but this does carry out general mark I arrange this play. It has good graphic art, sound effects get past, but run of the mill, but because of before mentioned shady pages it gets no more then weak three (read 2.7).

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Iron Byte


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