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Ok, první já říkám vám že tato hra je trochu težké dostat použitý k tomu, aby a rozumět. Vy začnete v hlavním meně jak vy dělat ve většin


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Simple, yet much provocative, cat is one of those plaies which have interesting play based on simple draft. You enact peasant that must get rid mouse on his farm. Farm consists of nine bludišť - similar room which you have to clean. Rooms they may look like maze but in reality pile from rotary masonry. Only you ( peasant) can move wall, and the point is to intercepted by any mouse in these perish so it can't move already no. In this way cat will be able to catch it, although you will not will not catch sight of it. Caths be but standing there idleness. Because mice are as great as did you and collision with them you will state life, it seems as though you need you big lazy caths session about. There's a punctual counter in upper - left corner screens. At troll mice, you win with current quantity points and counter is renewed to 2000. This also serve as timer, entailsthat the you lose one's life if it notching zero.

There's a one piece cheese on every cathode - raytube. If mouse her cheese, new shreds will appear. But if female mouse her it, new mouse will revive, so female mice should be your priority. At the beginning games, mouse position, cats, cheese and walls is randomize. Nevertheless, their position non turns if you lose one's life or get out cathode - raytube. So, if mouse caught you Near East, nevstoupíte as though room through it exit or you goggle on mouse again. Some rooms have - not light and you can only see in small spoke you, making of those room much harder clean. Also, you have to find and lift lamp or you will not be able to see wall in dimmer rooms.

It be exceedingly rude play to hammered. After you get familiar with circulation masonry and behaviour mouse, you start troll much easier, but whipping of the whole games always can be much hard. This stipulates more challenges and longer spare time, but they may also avert much players. While this may be good (or bad, depending on hráčových taste), some things be confident shady pages. Peasant can jam near walls, so you need to depart him from that before, than you can move him again. Also, if you take sb. prisoner mouse on piazza clingy to cat without walls among Cat and mouse, that no will reckon how troll as well as you are not capable to do anything about it, reserve from start new play.

Dithering time when cat be published, that really come in how original and interesting play. Should you awaited much less from games this way. There were to be next old games who also ushered rotary walls on different machinery (one have to keep in mind peculiar C64 play named Drelbs from 1984), but there wasn't not any similar games for PC at that time. Surely worth examination and recommended for fans PC games.

It's picture PCJR patrons. You must use DOSBOX run it. Edit file Dos - boxing.consult and find line which begin with "machine=" (it be usually "machine=vga") and turns it "machine=pcjr". Then start DOSBOX, go to the caths components and type "established caths.jrc"don't forget to change line back to "machine=vga" as soon as you be over with cat.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Gebelli Software, Inc.


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