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V bdělosti Na Talos V, vy jste námezdní Killian Jaradd. Váš dceřiný Colesce byl unesený zlým cizím závodem Xenosa. Vaše hledání vezme vás


Super Mario Bros. Reviews

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Super Mario Bros (SMB) be about one of most widely known and at the same time first plateaux / arkádéovek and nowadays perhaps don't find much players, that would this title nothing not to say. His popularity also proclaims factthat the him after world sold more than 40 millions.

play manages at that time yet may not too trite story (at least then on video games) - dragon kidnapped princes and you have as one's task her take wheels. In reality her rather save, how already are you sure guess, because this fabulous subject is today long since ex.

environment is altogether precious and be bored really won't you. Level design and altogether good few kinds spectre together will look after about proper entertainment on a lot of o'clock. On the way also will meeting with a number of increases in form mushrooms, sort of flower, after níž you offer possibility of fire away and star, after which are for a while immortal.

To Nintendo entails this triller proper start in úspešnosti those companies and I thinkthat the at him we will reminisce with yet for many years.

Year of publication: 1985

Made by: Nintendo





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